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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
You look back and analyze in detail the number of video games that have been released in the month. it is impossible not to be surprised!Due to the release of outstanding games such as PS4's Detroit, PC and Xbox One's recession status 2, there is already a variety, quantity and the most important quality, King Kong: Nintendo Switch's Tropical Freeze, or the character adventure pillar of eternal 2 on PC.These are just a few of the many titles that appear in the plum Moon, in which we also enjoy a re-mastery of the dark soul, or the strange journey of Nintendo 3DS like Shin Meggie Tensei Redux, moonlighter of Digital Sun, a Spanish studio.
It seems that all this is not enough, and a few days before the start of E3 2018, there are finally some major announcements, such as presentations, in the new episode of battlefield and call of duty, and a part of angry 2 or radiation 76 from Bethesda Softworks, or a promising Pokemon, Pikachu, let's go!/ Eevee!There is no doubt that facing the world's most important video game fair is about to begin, which makes the environment warmer.Do you know a little?Because there are, even leaked Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.Rating (9.No matter which console appears, DKC: tropical freezing is still one of the brightest platforms in recent years.
We had little good news when he came to Nintendo Switch.A new model for less skilled users, as well as minor improvements to visual and performance issues.However, this is a real must for those who haven't played yet, as it has an incredible playable balance, challenges and a variety of situations.
Rating (7.
The spin-The ending of the Total War series seems like a good idea to draw on, but they also have plenty of room to improve if they want to achieve legendary achievements.I have no problem with a game that condensed the huge scale and ambition of the series, Shogun 2 did a very good job in 2011, but here, I missed something to add depth and fun to the franchise.I think the legend of the all-out war: Power in Britannia is a creative gathering to try to bring its strategy to other audiences in real time, even though it's always good news and I hope it brings better results.
Rating (8.
Unlike the Ordin sphere and his Leifthrasir and his rebirth Muramasa, we have not found so much difference with the original work in the Crown profession of the Dragon, except for the resolution increase to 4 k, his well-crafted soundtrack and your text are newly translated into our language.For those of you who don't like it, beating their essence with RPG touch continues to stay fresh, just like the first day, the promise is a great experience for the game, for those who want to pass and review the game, this is a very deep experience with all their characters and level of difficulty.Rating (9.The Black Rock did it again.With the support of fans, the creators of radiation: New Vegas are once again pleasantly surprised to discover an extraordinary RPG game that restores the best essence of character classics, such as Baldur'sExciting action, spectacular combat systems and wonderful scenes in the scene, post of Eternity II: dead fire immerse you in an epic pirate adventure, thanks to its powerful narrative, it takes time to forget.
Once again, a few more!Black obsi stone marks an unforgettable work destined to be one of the great video games of 2018.Rating (8.The laser Alliance is a very fast and fun proposal, and although it is not limited to multiplayer, it is more popular in the company.Crazy game, with a clear aura of movement, focused on skills, responsiveness and the spell "easy to play, hard to master.
Rating (8.
The forgotten Anne probably didn't get the business response she was supposed to get.This is a game of cooking slowly, with few challenges.However, if we walk into their world, we will find a fascinating story full of unforgettable characters and decisions.
An exciting studio to start with, like a run-through game, could be the best game ever on the Square Enix Collective label.Rating (8.Funcom succeeded in creating a great survival adventure, taking advantage of the magical and bloody literary world of brutal Conan.Alone, but in the company of friends, the video game is surprised by his action epic and the scale of some Guild Wars.
Whether you like this type or not, you will definitely find a lot of fun in the Conan Exiles who guarantee the game for a while.Rating (8.The Horizon Chase Turbo is exactly what it wants to be: a tribute to the driving arcade of 90 leisure salons.It is based on simple but perfect control.
Looking at the difficulty curve, this is a very powerful duration if we consider the type of game we are talking about.There are a lot of repetitions in the mid-term, and he could have dared to come up with more, but as heir to the golden age of arcade style, he'll get you through a few sweet nostalgic afternoons by pressing the throttle...and your teeth.Rating (7.Hyrule Warriors: definition Edition is a port with few messages, so only those who are not playing on Wii and 3DS should be considered.
Even in this case, they have to think of it as a music game, so it's a repeat game.But if you can ignore it, you will face a fun machacabotones, loyal to the Zelda license, very durable, if you play for two players in a local Co-op, this is a very interesting option for the owners of Nintendo Switch.Rating (8.While this is a very continuous sequel, maybe even too much, there will be a lot of fun getting rid of the rotten state.
It's not unusual if we can ignore its pain, we have a very real survival game that is able to provide many hours of entertainment, maximum tension and immersion.Get a reward in a future state of decay?In order to polish more sets, bring more depth to the battle, and get a cooperative that starts to realize the potential to limit itself here.We will enjoy your proposal very much along the way.
Rating (8.
The Strange Journey Redux is a very good dungeon crawler, challenging, fun to fight, direct and rich, perfect for your portable factors.Adding an interesting story and a variety of ways to dazzle their community, now the new addition perfectly increases the playback time and provides an excuse for the people who played at that time.For the most hardcore players of the Atlus and Shin Megami Tensei brands, this is the perfect JRPG.
Rating (9.
Detroit: being human is still a 100% dream game, so it has all the styles and styles of David Cage's work and will not discourage those who accuse them of releasing the lack of interactionHowever, it is difficult to find something as powerful as this time.PS4 video games are very attractive in form and have a stage worthy of film performance, but I don't think this ignores the argument that is full of difficult decisions, this deals with difficult problems with a serious and good working attitude.In my opinion, the creator of heavy rain has the best game so far.
Rating (8.
The authors of the controversial hate won with their real-time commitment to the strategy, giving a fun video game Life, and its action is exciting, bringing interesting tactical options.In front of the Vikings-In ancestors: heritage, we will enjoy spectacular strategic battles, of which, most importantly, make the most of your troops.Do you accept the challenge?Whether it's on your own or in multiplayer mode, you'll find a game here that's frankly recommended.
Rating (8.
Dark soul is one of the most important games updated in recent years.Its improvements in resolution, frame rate, multiplayer, and some playable details are particularly popular for console games, but cannot be saved from other failures because of too automated implementation.Rating (8.Moonlight is one of the best news of the indie scene and the gender of the character this year.
An action RPG with roguelike colors that contains the ingredients of several video games, but it knows how to combine them and give us something that has its own essence.It's hard, but rewarding, complicated, but easy to understand at the same time...We are sure to satisfy the most adventurous players, the action and character of an old school with brilliant progress and great addictions.
Rating (8.
Vera gorilla has signed a great job of developing a 2D development adventure in which discovery and platform are combined with multiple elements related to the world of pinball.Fortunately, a very original game was also captured well.Overall this is a fun and very gorgeous title.
Platform: PC, PS4, XOne, Switch, Vita By Inti-Rating (8.Igarashi and Inti Create borrowed the concept of the curse of Castlevania 3: Dracula and mixed it with the Julius pattern of Castlevania: The Dawn of Sorrowbit graphics.Excellent platform video game with four main characters, impressive final boss, also good taste in respect of one of the world's most popular players.
A great step forward in the Blood: The ceremony of the unparalleled price night --quality.Rating (7.-Rating (5.-Rating (6.-Rating (6.-Destiny 2 -Rating (7.-Rating (7.-Rating (8.-Dillon\'s Dead-Rating (7.-Rating (7.-Rating (7.-Rating (5.-Rating (6.-Rating (7.-
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