donkey kong arcade Remember The Old Video Arcade?

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
In 1970, I am a teenager.Agger grew up in a small town in the middle.west.Even though the home video game system has just come out, they always seem pale compared to the games available in the local arcade that was on the rise at the time.I don't remember what our first home game system was called, but it basically has three different versions of pong.
Don't ask me why, but table tennis with two oars for each of us is called "Hockey ".Go figure.The only other thing I remember about this system is that it comes with a big red pistol and when it flashes on the screen we will use it to shoot the crazy beatLooking back, we were so fascinated by the movement of those simple white squares that it seemed crazy.But people are starting to crave a quarterly trip to the consumer video game arcade every week.
In fact, the predecessor of the arcade may be a local pizza shop or a gas station.In those days, the owner will only invest in a game, usually a Douman or asteroid, and then hide it in a dark corner of the store, hoping to generate a little extra income.There, you'll be sure to find a bunch of teenage boys in a hat jersey with their fingers flying under the flashing lights of Bally's latest release.
I hate to think about how much I spent on our local 7-The left hand is waving the big red ball, and the right hand is banging the dirty white button frantically.But the gas station's Sticky soda flooring was quickly replaced by a series of video arcades owned and operated locally.When they open the first "play land Arcade" in my hometown, I will never forget.
Looking back, it's just an abandoned laundry mat that someone broke so they can make room for a dozen games and arrange them on the back wall.We don't care if the ceiling is covered with water stains and only half of the fluorescent lights work.While the owner was a horrible troll of beer binge drinking, he spent the day watching a black and white TV in the closet, but he called his office every Saturday, we all find in some way the places of entertainment we value.
As long as our dormitory is not stuck with the machine and the bill changer is also working, we will try our best not to disturb the rough oaf.But if his skill is needed, only then can we have no choice but to drive the beast out of the nest.When he knelt down and opened the small door that opened the one that showed the magic compartment, we would do our best to avoid staring at the parts revealed in his anatomy, like clockwork, his tool belt will look too heavy for his dirty jeans.
Some images are too vivid to suppress.
Still, titles like Galaga, King Kong and the centipede always hold a special place in my memory.Not because they are great video games, but because they represent a simpler life.Although I am fairly confident that most gamers will think that modern video games have greatly improved the public gaming experience, I have to respectfully disagree.
In short, we are visually overstimulated and therefore no longer appreciate the value of a good ol 2D game that requires only basic hand-eye coordination and a little imagination.Also, who needs a boat of cheap junk in tickets, tokens and glass windows?Give me a monochrome whole, like the one in the old arcade
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