donkey kong arcade Classic Kong Review

by:BLEE     2019-07-04
donkey kong arcade Classic Kong Review
If you don't know the plot, the rocks you live in must be big.The original "King Kong" was when Nintendo really started creating the games we know today.One person, a mission, created a simple game that produced Mario for 30 years.
This game has basically created the entire Nintendo series by helping non-Nintendo.Players agree with the best-The mascot that has always beenAlthough this plot has been done many times before (save the princess and beat the bad guys), there were no other games at the time that attracted the attention and love of so many playhouses.Unfortunately, this classic gem has been lost for later players.
This is not due to Nintendo's lack of attempts, as this game has already appeared in Donkey hole 64 and donkey hole games.However, it is not the main focus of the game it is involved in, so many aspects are lost (such as difficulty and playability ).In 2012, the homebrew community is invited to relive the classics (with updated graphics) on Nintendo's authoritative Super Nintendo console, which is provided by bubble Zap.
The classic "King Kong" is not a re-imagination of the game, nor a repetition of the game, but a complete remake of the original arcade "King Kong, done by using the graphics of the Game Boy's advanced title.The purpose is simple because you need to use the ladder and the mobile platform system to advance the stage by reaching the top floor.This is done to complete this stage, but it also reflects the painful struggle to save the princess.
The real challenge is timing in this game (like the original), and the speed and mechanics of our beloved protagonist Mario are similar (if not the same) to the original ).However, the difference is that Mario has become a beautiful color elf with fantastic and vivid scenery in the background.The game is slightly different because items and elves have changed, but given the evolution that Super Nintendo has brought to home consoles, if the game was released by Nintendo itself after the 90 s, people will think that the game will definitely be similar to this one.
However, Bubble Zap does extend the cartoon characters that I don't think Nintendo will choose the exact opposite of the original set block type, which is common in other Snes Mario games.These elves are more reflective of Nintendo's development in the GBA era.This is a good thing because Mario seems to be more approachable, just like the way players feel about the arcade version for the new audience.
Reimagining is beautiful and as the game progresses it is always pleasant to recall by re-playing the gameMaster the favorite.The game is still as addictive as it was a few years ago and the bonus is that it is now a Super Nintendo game.The classic hole is a favorite with familiar decoration, combining the two perfectly to ensure that the person who missed its glory for the first time will surely be attracted to this update.
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