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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Planet Guardian is a vr fps diversion game made on Unity motor.This is the first form of the app and now supports both Oculus and HTC Vive.We intend to use Steam as the first and major web-based product delivery phase.
Our planet has been attacked by Space Raiders who take up the entire universe's assets.This is the last look after the planet guard game, so you should use laser weapons to fight back against enemies.How about we protect our planet!Focus the enemy with the controller and trigger the shooting.
Shoot every enemy within 150 seconds and protect yourself from damage to get a high score!In Planet Guardian, players are trying to capture wayward robots using 3 superplanet protection robots.In order to do so, players take advantage of activities to venture into every part of the Earth's frame, collecting assets and innovations.Entertainment components include tiles, cards, 3 Planetary protector holders and small translucent battery solid shapes and a larger 3D shape of energy.
9 planet tiles provide a hidden load for the planet.The rebel robot is set along the four edges of the load and can be captured from any aircraft along a similar side.Each player starts with 5 batteries.In turn, they are allowed to carry out principle activities and additional activities on more than one occasion.
The main activities include paying a battery to one of the 3 open cards.This allows you to move one of the 3 planets guaranteed.3 open the side of the card so that each safeguard can move 1 space vertically and 2 space on the other side.
Planet simulator game after the card is used, it will flip to the reverse in the next round.It does not flip if the card is not used.If the instantaneous principle activity is completed, it needs 2 batteries.After development, you can start the ability of the planet to get a vibrant solid shape or battery.
Following the principle activity, each player is allowed to participate in an additional activity.The first is to get an innovative card with a battery or a vibrant shape.Innovative Cards can reduce the cost of capturing robots and add additional batteries.
Another additional activity is to capture the robot.The Robot Planet game has specific ultimate goals, and to capture the cost that the robot player has to play, pick up a little bit of an advantage and take the robot card
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