coin operated video games for sale HOW TO TEACH THE PARTS OF A NEWSPAPER

by:BLEE     2019-07-11
coin operated video games for sale HOW TO TEACH THE PARTS OF A NEWSPAPER
Teach your students to love daily news!For some students, especially reluctant readers, reading newspapers while drinking coffee in the morning may be the only way they will read as adults.Here are some tips on how to help them become more discerning readers, even if all they do is look for a movie show time or find an apartment for rent.In general, the first part of any major daily newspaper, The News section is usually divided into several parts ---Country, state, place or region.
Tell them that there should be no edits (comments or comments) in hard news stories ).It should be all facts.The editorial part of the paper allows writers to publish their opinions and persuasive articles.Editorial staff.Signed editorialThese works are written by individual journalists and published by an authorline.
Op-Ed (reflective) pieces.
These stories--Reflective or persuasive-Intended to provide insight, depth, or reflection on a particular issue, or to outline the author's particular point of view --of-Letter to EditorIn this section, you can ask your students to identify the writer's main thesis or proposition, copy strong evidence, or analyze the author's use of rhetorical devices (does the author appeal to our sense of logic, morality or emotion?).You can also ask them to write their own letters to editors while teaching the appropriate business letter format.You can let them use vocabulary and identify effective sentence structures.
Sometimes called "soft news", this part contains more lightThe careful work is intended to entertain, inform or guide the reader what they will like.Entertainment.Human Interest.These are the stories of "my pet dog got lost and found his way home from 200 miles away" and "matching people with bone marrow transplants encountered on MySpace.Film, television, music, drama reviews.Celebrity interviewsSocial columns (political parties, funds-raisers).
In these columns, staff writers follow the local situation --.They may pay for the local hospital fund.In this section, students can write their own movies, music or TV reviews, extract interesting references from celebrity interviews, or write an article about friends' hobbies after the interview.There are many opportunities in this section to use bubble charts, dialect journals (aka: T-Charts) and other graphic organizers.
Although I know very little about sports, it will be a favorite part of some of your students.Columns.News.Did your team just make a deal?Do you have a new coach?Features.Did a local boy or girl join the big league?Did a player overcome the great adversity and continue to play?Box Scores.
These are small boxes that list scores and statistics in the sports section.For this section, your students can use their math skills to analyze box scores and statistics and even predict the results of the season.They can write diaries and comment on the current skill level of the home team.
They can respond to the columnist's criticism of professional quarterback.Finally, they can solve their own sports stories.In some ways, this is the most interesting part of teaching.
Recruitment advertising (work, etc)Personally, I enjoyed watching ads with my students and talking about word selection, graphic location, and audience.When I saw an ad saying "the price dropped sharply!"I asked them why the author chose the word" cut "and we talked about the connotation (the price is not just a reduction or even a cut) and they were hacked-.The method of price reduction.Also, we like to play "Who has the weirdest thing to sell ?"?\" game.
Be careful, though, that in these games one of my students found something to sell called "marriage swing.\ "I'm on the back yard B-B-Move on.You can also have them look at the recruitment ads, evaluate possible job opportunities, and write diaries about their future careers.The daily newspaper provided a wealth of information, assuming they were not on-At some point in the future, online news sources will provide an informative, thoughtful, and even interesting way to understand what's going on in the world over the next few years.
Then, with the above tips, you can help your students learn to appreciate the role and the way newspapers work
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