coin operated games Are Automatic Dog Washing Machines here to stay?

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
coin operated games Are Automatic Dog Washing Machines here to stay?
Or is this something only dream?Any attempt to wash our dog must be carefully planned forward-looking!This means limiting him to a room first and then bathing him.I also have to send a terrible warning to my children --Don't let him out until I get back!After the preparation was completed, I could only drag him to complain and tremble to take a bath.Any deviation from the routine will let me play hide and seek with the dog!The scent of the dog shampoo is enough for him to rush to find a secret hideout!After the shower, he will relax for the time being until I rinse the soap from him!He has been keeping me alert with some futile escape attempts all the time!When he takes a bath, I can take him to the garden and set him free, but before he gives me a happy, good shower, shake his body.
Then he can charge everywhere in the garden like a dog!After doing some research recently, I was surprised to find that some coin operated dog washing machines may be introduced to the UK soon.This is a very interesting concept!The idea is that people can put their dogs in the automatic washing machine and endure a wave of washing happiness, which is just a ticket for me!Next, he will usher in a hot air cycle!It seems that a Frenchman named Romain Jerry invented my dream machine. he came from a small town called St Max in France near Nancy.
His automatic dog washer will obviously turn our dirty dog and (cat) into perfect good smelling pets in just 30 minutes!The washing time is only three minutes.It takes about 12 minutes to dry.Let the dog wash your business!When we went out for a walk with our dog, we all experienced this really disgusting experience, but soon discovered that they found something really evil, with the help of an automatic dog washer, will be set to correct soon!I sound happy.I'm sure there's no selfThe creature who respects the four legs will never complain again about the three minutes spent in the wet cycle, and when the cleaning is over, he will be rewarded with some lovely hot broadcast time!Further down the road, I have noticed that Australians and Americans have defeated us.
They have been operating these machines for a long time.It's not surprising to learn that they have more than 4 people in Australia alone.5 million people with pets spend $2 billion a year on care and benefits, and I can already see some of the fledgling young entrepreneurs who think this is a perfect business venture, especially in times of recession, it seems that people are not interested in spending disposable income on pets.
There is no doubt that they will have a lot of willing customers who want to cram banknotes and coins into the slot of the automatic dog washer!Japanese people seem to have been using similar systems to clean their pets.It doesn't seem to have received the same warm welcome in the UK, and some people already think they are cruel.But personally, I think it sounds like a great idea to spend 30 minutes of dog life in a dog washer.
For me, there is no longer a cold shower here!If you think your pet can change from a smelly dog to a dog that smells good in 30 minutes, you will find yourself willing to wash a puppy with 13, or would you like to wash a medium-sized dog with 22?Bigger customers will rise to around 31.Cats will be treated as small customers!A very interesting fact of all this is that I understand that while working to develop a more efficient washing machine, the motion tracker is attached to the fur and skin of the dog, to check their efficiency and ability to effectively remove moisture from the body.It seems that the poor dogs can only blame themselves!.
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