coin op arcade Museums with Weird and Strange Collections

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coin op arcade Museums with Weird and Strange Collections
The museum is a museum, right?Paintings, antiques, arrows, old bones, pieces of pottery...Is this what comes to mind?It's not wrong to bring a little culture to our lives, but come on, are you tired?For those who are looking for something else besides art and culture, there are many unique museums in the United States.S.Shows strange and strange collections..Why not do some fun trips and look at the more strange, sometimes darker, side of American life?Salvador Dali Museum in St.
It can be classified as art, strange art and strange art.This is a collection of 96 paintings in Dali, making you curious about the artists and minds who created these works.Is Spain Painter (May 11, 1904 January 23, 1989 âx80x93) famous of surreal of the work.
Salvador Dali Museum, 1000 Street South, St.Telephone (33764) 727-823In Las Vegas, which is composed of two buildings, Liberace has a collection of cars and piano inlaid with mirrors and rhinestones, including a phantom covered by mirror tiles and etched by a speeding horse, a 1934-inch Mercedes-Benz Excalibur is inlaid with the world's largest drill, the Austrian drill.Another building includes the incredible gorgeous and jewelry-studded costumes and jewelry worn by the Liberace and Liberace family galleries.
On May 16, 1919, Liberace was born in West Ellis.He died Feb.4, 1987.The Liberace Museum East heat belt Avenue and Spencer, originally located in Las Vegas, closed in 2010, but the new Liberace Museum is scheduled to open in Neonopolis, Las Vegas, in 2014.This happened in early July 1947.At the time, a UFO crashed outside Roswell, but the military concealed and denied the incident.
The museum is very serious about the interviews, documents and photos on display.However, the town has alien headlamps and even UFO in the local Wal-Mart, which shows a sense of humor.The town's main industries seem to be landing around aliens a long time ago.
.On one occasion, they also held an exhibition about the history of toilet paper.Old Court Museum, 200 W.6th St.Mitchell in South Dakota is a wooden palace full of corn murals.Local artists redesign it every year and spend more than $130,000 a year on its decor.
Darwin of MinnesotaFrancis A made the world's largest hemp ballJohnson has experienced 29 years of twists and turns.Watch on an outdoor terrace two blocks south of Highway 12.When you visit, be sure to buy a twist ball starter kit at the gift shop so you can start your own big twist ball.
This was started by Frank Stoeber in 1953.This huge ball has been added by the residents of Cawker and is growing every year.The ball weighs 1959 and 5000 pounds.!San Antonio, Texas.Famous Texas toilet artist Barney Smith has a collection of products that now have 1000 toilet seats, although he is in his 80 s, heMore than 30 years ago, former plumber Barney began painting and renovating the toilet seat.
Everyone has a special meaning for him, none of which is for sale.Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum, 239 Abiso Avenue.In a small museum in Haines, Alaska, 1500 hammers were collected.
From the colonial era to the industrial era to the present, the hammer represents a wide range of industries.Haines AK 702 P.O Box 99827 Hammer Museum;907-767-5674.Email: pahlfam @ Middleton, Wisconsin calls itself a "conditional", a fun and playful place to be included in the National Register of Places of hysteria.The series showcases more than 5,600 cans, bottles and tubes from all 50 states and 60 countries.
It also includes vintage ads and displays of antique mustard cans.Be sure to try the bar during your visit.Texas is located in McLean, showing the history of barbed wire, including its impact on the development of the Old West.Common and rare barbed wire, tools and equipment used to build barbed wire are shown in number.
Uris Hall at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.In the 60 brains of the wilder collection, 8 are publicly displayed in glass boxes on the second floor of uri Hall.Berlingame in CaliforniaPez was founded in 1927 to help people quit smoking.
There is also a store that sells modern versions.Pez souvenir boringame Museum, 214 California Avenue, 94010 bolingame, California.Save Mountain in Holland, California..Leonard Knight has worked on his project for more than 20 years, and he created the save Mountain with paint, Adobe and wood.
The job Museum is located in Britt, Iowa.
Here you will discover the history of American tramp and tramp, Walker and rail rider.If you want to visit [641]-make an appointment843-9104] unless you happen to be there at the Hobo convention week.Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.It has more than 250 strange gadgets that can cure all kinds of diseases.
This is an interesting place but you may not want to try any inventions.Marvin Museum is located in a shopping center in Farmington, Michigan. it is a wonderful mechanical museum.The museum is free and full of antiques and modern mechanical wonders.
There's a lot of curiosity about the show and fortune tellers, arcade and many others.From the beginning of 1900 to the present, you will see magic, robots, unusual coin-operated games and various animated machines.Everything is normal.New Orleans Voodoo Museum.This historical museum is located in the French historic district of New Orleans.
Here you will discover the history of voodoo, as well as the folklore of zombies, voodoo rituals, and after the Pope of voodoo.Don't miss this museum as it is part of the cultural history and heritage of New Orleans.!For those brave enough, there is even a "no-Death Tour" in this museum adventure ".
Of course, there are also the Witch Dungeon Museum and the Witch History Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.These museums provide the history of witchcraft, and re-Use 1692 of the stage set with lifeSize, lighting and narration1692 overview of witch Dover, Ohio.Mooney waterser made carving from a piece of wood how many pairs of pliers connected to each other his life's work.
His main work "pliers tree" has 511 interconnected pliers carved from a piece of wood.There are also engraved replicas of steam engines in the museum.He has many carvings.In the turning motor and wheelMooney's wife Freida collects and displays more than 73,000 buttons.
331 Karl Ave.
Dover, Ohio 330-343-On your next road trip, why not take risks and stay away from the common attractions of fine arts and antiques?Learn more about the weird and wild history of America by visiting some of the odd unique collections and museums listed above.Think about the funny postcards you can write!Happy Travels!Love to Write?Do you love writing?Why not join hub pages?It's free and it's fun to be part of this web of supported writers and you can make money too!JOIN HUBPAGES
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