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by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Plan a one-of-a-It's a great night for you and your adult friendsOnly casino parties containing classic games like drinks, finger food and poker, slot machines and roulette.Choose an overall theme for your casino party, such as casino night, James Bond, or dazzling Las Vegas-style event.Connect the selected theme to all aspects of the party, including invitations, food choices, drinks, games, and guest clothing required.Set the tone of your casino party with the invitation that best matches your party theme.Choose crisp blackand-The white invitation letter for the stylish James Bond event, the font is elegant, and notice that the party costume is formal.Choose Las Vegas-Theme invite, show dice or card pictures of casual casino nights with friends, and note that clothing is professional or semi-formal.The party specified in the invitation letter is for adults only to ensure that guests do not bring any unexpected minors to the party.Decorate the party area with casinoThe theme is decorated with all the glitz and glamour that the real casino will offer.Style an elegant casino event with red carpet, large potted plants, low lighting and plenty of red and black decorations such as playing cards, big dice and Golden candles.Decorate a casual party with scraps of paper, counterfeit coins and red and black balloons.Arrange chairs and small tables around the party area for guests who can set up drinks and food when mixing.Rent game tables and slot machines from local rental companies and hire table attendants or recruit friends to manage each table for guests.Arrange tables around a large room in your home or a rented event location, just like a casino game building.Take a look at photos of famous casinos like Bellagio in Las Vegas and learn how to set up the play area.A variety of popular casino games such as slot machines, roulette, poker and blackjack are available to guests.Easy-to-carry finger food and appetizers are provided, and will not be messy while mixing and playing casino games.At the formal party, choose high-end foods such as shrimp, crab cakes and delicious meatand-cheese platter.Guests are served premium drinks such as martini, cocktails and premium wines.Delicious chocolate and diceThe shape of an eye cakeDessert menu.A variety of appetizers and drinks are provided for casual parties, including deli platter, chicken wings, dipping sauce, and various drinks such as beer or cheap wine.Hire a DJ or find a friend with a sound system to keep the party environment active and make the guest happy.Guests are allowed to request DJ songs and set the time near the midpoint of the guest karaoke party.Fill the kegs with poker chips and give each guest one as he enters the party.Guests can use these chips to bet and gamble on casino party games instead of using real money.Reward door prizes, such as gift cards for the three guests who earn the most in the evening, as an incentive to participate in the game.
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