classic arcade games Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister dies

by:BLEE     2019-07-01

Lebih Kilmister, a founding member of the iconic metal band Motorhead, died in a brief battle with radical cancer at the age of 70.The band issued an emotional statement Tuesday confirming the death of the influential bassist.The band wrote on Facebook: "There is no easy way to say this ...... Our powerful, noble friend Lemi died today after a brief battle with a very aggressive cancer."We can't start to express our shock and sadness without words.Kilmister died a month after the death of racing drummer Phil Taylor.In true rock fashion, the band asked fans to detonate the motorcycle head for Kilmister's honor."We will say more in the next few days, but now, please...The 70-year-Old is considered one of the most authentic sounds and rock, with incredible influence in the second half of the 21 st century.He is Motorhead's leading songwriter and lead singer and a former member of the rock band Hawkwind.Mr. Kiir.xa0Celebrate His 70 th birthday on Christmas Eve, but he has been suffering a lotHealth problems, and irregular blood clotting and heartbeat.Bornxa0In 1945, the rock singer earned the nickname "Lemi" in Stafford, England.xa0Afterxa0Reportedxa0Borrowingxa0Money from friends in schoolxa0Use this sentence to express his love for arcade games.xa0"Pay one pound by Friday ".A musical documentary about his lifexa0Lemixa0Released on 2010 and received favorable commentsxa0Is one of the greatest rock music documentaries ever.
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