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Star Wars ArcadeStar Wars ArcadeTaking into account the huge interest in the Star Wars series, and the wonderful action sequences filled with George Lucas's classic space opera, these movies seem to be tailored for arcade conversion, but in fact, there are relatively few officially authorized arcade games.Still, the arcade games that have been released have proved to be one of the most attractive and exciting movie matchesIns, whose output value matches the movie they are based on.So in the first article of "Star Wars" video games, I reviewed more than 30 years of arcade games, their impact on the public of the game, how do you play today?Star Wars Arcade game was released by Atari in 1983 and is the best for many players.
According to the first movie of the plot, the place of the game your character's rebel league hero Luke Skywalker, you fly your X-Carry out the wing fighter to destroy the original Dead Star mission.You noticed that the first thing about arcade games was the sound effect, and the sample of the dialogue in the movie was blown up on the electronic version of John William's Star Wars theme song.The cabinet itself is a work of art with detailed graphics and highly customized screen surround, as well as a real flight stand with fire button.
Using vector graphics first seen in classic asteroid arcade games, Star Wars Arcade games reproduce many scenes of Star Wars 4: New Hope ending, from the air battle with the Imperial Iron Army to the Death Star trench.Equipped with a limited number of Shields, you must first drive your X-Wings cross the waves of enemy ships and avoid their missiles while trying to destroy them with your onboard laser.In the second wave, you reach the surface of the Death Star, and while destroying the control tower at the top, you must avoid the incoming fire of the missile turret and avoid the tower itself.
Survive the missile turret and you are thrown into the Death Star trench, the last wave of the game, your mission is to survive to the end, launch missiles at the exhaust port and destroy the dead star.Along the way, you will be attacked by gun placement on both sides of the trenches and set up obstacles on your road, which must be hedged in order to protect your shield.If you survive the last wave, you will be seen as the most memorable scene in arcade games, when you escape the track of Death Star in time, see it explode to the climax of the Star Wars soundtrack and congratulate you from your wingman Han Solo.
If the standard bracket-The up version of the Star Wars Arcade game is not exciting enough, and there is also an inspired special edition cabinet that allows players to sit in the game like climbing up your own X-Wing ship.It's the same in the game, with stereo in the cupboard, adding to the game's immersion, and a smoky glass panel that lets jealous onlookers see you playing while waiting for your turn.For fans of the series, this is the closest thing to Luke Skywalker.
Due to the collection nature of these magic cabinets, the demand for players and Star Wars fans is very large, they are now very expensive, an example of mint is, according to the conditions, or more than £ 3,000/USD.Many attempts have been made to convert arcade games to home format, but home conversion is a challenge due to unique vector graphics.One of the best versions is Broderbund's pc dos version, which was not launched until 1998, but it is very real and has a fast and colorful graphics and arcade-perfect game.
There are also versions of the Atari home console (including 2600 and 5200) and home computers such as Commodore 64 and Acorn Electron.The game is also an Easter egg for Nintendo Gamecube in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III.The next game won an arcade deal with the return of 1984 Jedi from Atari, with the action from the original 3rd Star Wars trilogy.
The game reflects the movie in many ways, the least favorite game in the series, and it doesn't really stand the test of time like other arcade games.Moving from vector graphics to more standard raster graphics used in most arcade games, return of Jedi features a pseudo-3D game promoted by Sega shooter Zaxxon, the player measures the 3D path along the equal axis on the right side of the screen.Due to the very specific nature of the isometric game, the movements are concentrated on the various flight and action sequences in the film, starting with the flying bike chase in the Endor forest.
Escape the trees and avoid the Stormtroopers and you will reach the base where r2 2 and C3PO are waiting for you.The second wave features the Millennium Falcon on the second Death Star run, and this time, you run to the heart of the Death Star run, and then go out again to avoid tying fighter jets and beams.Once done, you will find that the Death Star explosion animation is not as impressive as the first arcade game, but given the UNCompromise on game difficulty.
The waves will repeat once they are done, but with the insertion of a new sequence AT the end or surface, this time you will drive-Avoid scrolling logs and destroying enemy vehicles.The action switches back and forth between the surface of Endor and space, where you drive the Millennium Falcon through the Imperial fleet and move toward the surface of the dead star.Domark is accused of working with Amstrad in various home computer formats for porting games, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, female friends and 64 brigadier general.
The most authentic version is Amiga, which is worth a visit if you can't find the original cabinets.The third arcade version set in "Star Wars universe" saw Yali go back to the past, back to the previous episode of the series, and the vector graphics format of the original game.In fact, it is not a brand new cabinet, but as a conversion of the original Star Wars Arcade unit, using the same basic hardware on the new printed circuit board, but different software chipset.
Arcade owners can use the new side art and banner graphics to convert cabinets while retaining the original game controls.The game of Empire counterattack follows a theme similar to Star Wars, replaced by the classic scene of Episode 5, starting with the surface of ice and snow planet Hoth.In the first wave, you are driving a rebel snowmobile, acting as an intern Jedi Luke Skywalker, while he is hunting down and destroying the imperial spy robot flying over the screen.
The second floor is the iconic-At the Walker scene, Luke had to bring the giant camel down.Like a machine, use two cables wrapped around the legs.You don't turn around the walkers like Luke Skywalker did in the movie, trip them up, but throw them a cable like bolas in order to knock them down.
Level 3 is set in space, where you have to escape the surface of the Planet of the Millennium Falcon and destroy the iron warriors who chase you, with every killing accompanied by the cheers of Chewbacca.The fourth and final level, the Falcon has to cross the asteroid field, which is one thing between you and the fleeing empire.Arcade Empire counterattack-It's hard to find these games today, they are the conversion of the original Star Wars cabinet, and many people find them excellent, so it's unlikely to update to this later game.
If you're lucky, you might find someone selling cabinets with two arcade boards and being able to swap between games.Twenty years after the original Star Wars Arcade game was released by Atari, Sega launched a new version of the same nameThis is the first in the Japanese game giant series.The Sega version takes advantage of the latest projection TV technology, which includes a huge play screen and high-resolution color graphics.
The game is completely set up in space where you can drive your X-Wing fighter passes through 4 different stages including battle with tieA destroyer, the last death star.Fans keen on Star Wars will notice that the star of death is actually the second star of death in return of the Jedi, not the one from the original Star Wars movie.The game is novel because it allows two players to play at the same time and one is a pilot who can drive X-But only in the center of the screen, and a gunman who controls the intersectionHair that can be lit anywhere on the screen.
While arcade titles are rarely seen outside Japan, they are released as home conversion and release titles for the Sega 32x console, which is an add-onIn the creation of Sega Megadrive/century.The game received an average reception when it was released in 1994, but since its release title status is fairly common, it can be obtained cheaply, but you need 32 x add-onon to play it.This Star Wars Arcade game is the only action title in the 2nd movie trilogy, and the unit focuses on the Pod racing scene in Ghost threat.
As one of the sets of the film, the film shows the oppositeGravity Racing, converted into arcade racing is ripe.Publisher Sega made some great racing games in the past, Star Wars racing arcade made the most of the original material, young anatine Skywalker defeated a variety of alien fighters in his homemade pod racing, a solid reproduction of the scene.The cabinet itself is released in two types of sit-down form, with 2 players (who play either a single player (who you play as annagin) or a link (who plays annagin or his nemesis Sabba) designed to include racing seats and dual engine controls, it reflects the real Pod racing in the ghost threat movie.
Your pod racing car is not a joystick or steering wheel, but is controlled by a double lever, which controls the power of each pod of your car, allowing you to make a controlled turn between the narrow gaps in the rock landscape.There is also a lift button that can be used briefly to surpass your competitors.Like many arcade racing games, the Star Wars racing arcade has the checkpoint that needs to be reached before the timer reaches zero and gets an extension.
Bump into walls or other obstacles and your car will slow down, wasting precious time and letting your competitors surpass you.The Star Wars racing arcade is a unique one (due to the Star Wars theme), but is not notable in the end, it represents an-Let fans look forward to a new game worthy of the name.25 years after the original Atari Star Wars Arcade game, the mission was re-launchedImagine the film being passed on to Sega in 1998 by the Star Wars trilogy, the street cabinet.
For this title released before the new Star Wars trilogy, the story of the first three films is told through a mix of video game types, includingThe first is rails dog fighting.Someone opened fire and even fought with Darth Vader himself.The game is divided into 3 sets by the start screen, and the action is interspersed with video clips-Scenes and samples in the movie.
The first mission reflects the original Star Wars Arcade storyline where you can drive X-Wings hit Tie fighters and Imperial Destroyers through space, although your flight route is fixed, so the focus is on moving on-Screen cross hair and laser emission.Live long enough and you'll be thrown into the dead star trenches again, dropping through enemy waves and fixed guns, fighting long enough to fire a torpedo into the exhaust cabin, and destroy the dead star again.Waves 2nd and 3rd are characterized by the Hoth battle scene in Empire counterattack, and the final showdown with Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, as well as the second Death StarA great game to see and play, the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade is a title that requires you to continue to put in points to achieve the goal, and see the game in all the glory of the game.
Of all the Star Wars Arcade games, this is probably the best game to reproduce the spirit of the original movie trilogy, and if you haven't played it yet, it's definitely a game worth a visit.The family version of the Star Wars racing arcade game was originally released for Nintendo 64, game Boy Color handheld and Sega Dreamcast, and the 64 and Dreamcast versions are the most real conversions
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