centipede arcade game POW the arcade game review: well this brawler is ok at a decent price but Final Fight and Ninja Turtle it is not.

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Hub's video was created by me using a capture device that played SNK Arcade game POW on the ps3.All pictures are screen shots taken from videos and photoshop to add text and some effects.Hello everyone, my name is Tommy. welcome to my channel.I saw a game called Athena on PSN a few months ago, in a bunch of discounted SNK games.
It cost me 50 cents.
I think it's too expensive.
I also have another game on NES but have never played the arcade version and I really like the NES version this time.This is not the best game ever, but it is a very reliable game.So let's sit down and have a look at the arcade version of arcade and maybe one day I'll start reviewing the NES version.
You are a soldier kidnapped by enemy soldiers and taken to their base to be tortured and killed.Luckily the enemy soldiers also have the same IQ they keep dropping and forget to do a body search as they realize you have a grenade hidden in your pocket and then you blow upWill you try to sneak out? It has been possible quietly and will not be in contact with the guards.No, you make Rambo look like a maiden, so you will use your Bear's hand to knock the garbage off every guard at the base.
Yes, it's a standard quarrel and all you really do is defeat the enemy and move on.Once in a while, congratulate you on beating the stage message and you'll be on the next stage.At the end of the game, find a radio to contact the home after you have finished the Nick Furrey nonsense.
Yes, it's a standard argument, it's a decent one, but it's not that good.Yes, the NES port is usually better than the arcade on that day.Since they can't do one in a transition of the game, they often do something different and improve the NES version.
In the NES version, you can enter these cabins and beat one or two soldiers for a power-up project.Here, it's just a standard left-to-right argument for you to knock all the trash out and move on.The only real motivation is the gun, which allows you to shoot people for a while before putting it down.
There is no real boss battle in the game, for example, the NES version has something in the NES version, and in order to complete the first phase, you have to pick up the grenade and throw it on the helicopter.Without the boss, it's just a wave after wave of similar looks like an enemy, and it does grow old.Control is not bad, there is no smooth ninja turtles in arcade games, but they do a good job.
If there is a complaint about the game next to the monotonous beating of soldiers, it is that you die a lot.This game is a quarterly game, so it will die every 2 to 3 seconds. The good news is that the PSN version gives you unlimited continuation.
Every time you die, you start in the same place, so it doesn't take time to beat the game at all.That said, I don't know if I will play this arcade game after this time because it is a bit boring.For the arcade at the time, it looked quite good, the elves were big, the details were good, and the environment was good.
While there is nothing eye-popping or innovative graphics to do the job.Sound.Music is actually quite good, and for me, it has been very nostalgic since I was a child.While it doesn't offer excitement, it's going to be a bit cheaper for around $3, while most other games go for between $5 and $10.
This cheap price does make me give it a more hesitant advice, it's far from perfect, but if you're looking for someone smarter you might do something worse than this one
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