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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Is a fast-paced verticalIt was produced by the game giant Atari back in 1981..They won the game again.The purpose of the game is to fight against the powerful "Centipede" while escaping or destroying a variety of other insects, spiders, poisonous mushrooms and countless creepy reptiles and insects.There is no doubt that all of these creatures and fungi are fatal to players.
Just as the golden age of the entertainment mall was gathering steam, Atari appeared.Read on, learn more, and recall the centipede...The player controls a small circular "thing" at the bottom of the screen that can move in all directions.
The player's movement is limited to the lower half of the game area..The centipede consists of "parts" linked together, and one end is the head of the creature, as it negotiates down from the top of the screen.It winds through the mushroom fields dotted around the game area.
If you shoot any part of the centipede, it's destroyed and leaves mushrooms in the game --field;The middle part of the shot caused the centipede to be divided into two pieces at the impact point.Then, each piece continues to move independently, and the first paragraph of the last new centipede becomes a new head.If you manage to wipe the head off, the next adjacent part becomes a new head, and so on.
In many parts, however, the centipede will continue to move relentlessly towards the bottom of the screen until it touches you or you take out the last remaining part.The centipede always starts crawling from the top of the game screen.Whenever it hits the mushroom or the edge of the screen, it drops a height and changes its direction of movement.
This game-The game mechanics cleverly ensure that the more mushrooms appear on the screen, the faster the deadly centipede drops.By shooting mushrooms, the number of mushrooms on the screen can be reduced, and each mushroom needs four shots to be destroyed.Once the centipede reaches the bottom of the screen, it crawls back and forth within the player's "motion area," adding a distraction to the head every few seconds.
These "heads" continue to be added until you eliminate the entire Centipede and these new head pieces.Once the centipede is completely wiped out, a new centipede will appear at the top of the game area, and you hardly have a rest for a second before entering the control group again.The color scheme for each level will also change.
The next creature will be a short paragraph and will be accompanied by a fast-moving head centipede.Any contact with the centipede or any other creature on the screen can lead to a loss of life, and there are many other animals on the screen that can be avoided or destroyed.For example, if less than five mushrooms are present in the designated player's moving area, the flea drops vertically from top to bottom, leaving mushrooms.
This always makes sure that the third area at the bottom of the screen is filled with mushrooms, so no matter how many mushrooms you destroy, they will re-Almost as fast as destroying them..Deadly spiders also jump in player areas in a random way, and although they eat mushrooms from time to time, it's usually a nuisance.Any player's contract with the spider will lead to the instant loss of life.
Scorpions go horizontally through the screen and poison every mushroom they come into contact.Fortunately, they always appear above the player's moving area, so toxic mushrooms can only appear in some part of the screen.These poisonous mushrooms add new elements to the game.
If the centipede is exposed to poisonous mushrooms, it drops rapidly in berzerker mode.If you can fire quickly under it, then this is a quick blow for you.If you don't have time to perform this action, then when it moves quickly at the bottom of the screen, you have to avoid the creepy crawling quickly.
Seat for pants!This arcade game is another popular game of old Atari.It continues to produce many sequels and spinsIn addition to the game, it is converted to almost every home computer and game console..It seems to me that the Atari 2600 version is still very playable today.
The 16-It is also the host of a large number of centipede transformation.This game is best played on the original cabinet with good old trackball control --The simulator is great, but the original is the best!You can't avoid those in the end for playability and-screen nasties
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