by:BLEE     2019-07-12
We gave up a lot of things in the 21 st century.Our ancestors and grandparents have never imagined a life without them.Here are some things that started with the first evolution of monkeys into humans.
Instead of swinging between trees, we leave to those of us who would rather continue to be monkeys than fall into humans.We don't scratch our hair anymore, we call it social etiquette, which we leave to the gorillas.We no longer look for food as our ape ancestors did.
We no longer live in the fear of elements, and even in the slightest drizzle, we are scattered like chimpanzees.We no longer communicate with ugs, uugs and hard-to-understand voices.Instead of living in caves like our earliest ancestors, we live in Penthouse, luxury apartments, fully furnished houses with modern amenities.
We no longer apply our bodies with smelly dyes.We don't jump up and down around the campfire anymore, we do it now in the disco, call it dance.In order to have a sip of water, we no longer go a long way.
We no longer sneak behind the bushes to the call of nature!We no longer carry out war with swords, spears, guns and shields.We no longer endure tyrants and dictators.To protect our towns and villages, we no longer build huge walls.
We stop chasing Sports and hunt animals.
We fight now to save them.
When the condemned people slaughtered each other in the fight game, we stopped screaming happily.We no longer use pigeons or drums to convey messages.We no longer regard our planet as the center of the universe.
We no longer consider human beings to be God's only creation.During the full moon, we stopped howling like crazy, and we gave it to those of us who believed in the existence of werewolves and their discord with vampires and goblins, elves and other creatures of the night magic.We no longer believe in superstition, burning innocent people like wizards, warlocks and witches.
We no longer believe in slavery, nor do we allow slavery to the country and the continent.We are no longer sailing on wooden boats.We no longer envy birds because we have guns that can shoot them down at dinner.As we move to space, we no longer think of submarines and aircraft as science fiction!We don't buy tapes or tapes anymore.
When most of us carry our phones to top up, we don't talk on board anymore.We stopped going out to get food and we sent it home.Instead of using pens, paper, pencils and typewriters, we use ipod, ipad, laptop, keyboard and desktop computers.
Instead of visiting the library or information center, we use search engines such as Google to access the Internet.;we shop online.We are no longer in line to pay our bills, and the internet allows us to pay our bills online at home or at the office (at our convenience ).Finally, at the end of the list (which is not even a catch), we no longer have access to the mobile Recharge center as we used to, because with Synergy Recharge, one has the option to indulge in trouble --Among other things, there are free online recharge, online DTH recharge, and online Vodafone recharge.
After blurting out most of what we 've done on the history page, we want to make the reader suddenly end the article with a simple question because of the lack of space and time: if you have a choice, will you still miss the days of the past or embrace the fun of modern life?Think about it!Synergy: it's your strength to enjoy life now
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