buy arcade Arcade Script + Profit

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
buy arcade Arcade Script + Profit
I need someone to set up, redesign and modify the new logo for my 2 arcade sites and need traffic and revenue.There is now a website for $5 a day.At least $5, which is the lowest.Revenue from Adsense, adbrite or other companies.I have 2 domains and hosts installed and I have purchased arcade scripts and templates (1) Game tail dot com will use phparcadescript dot com and the templates that need to be usedPlayygames dot net (2) playorder dot com will use arcadempro dot com, the template demo6.
Trend game: 1.
$3 a day is the lowest.
Love smillar garysarcade dot com3.
Start work, I pay you $50 4.
Start making $5 a day for at least 7 days and I pay $50 per site.5.5 &/day for 1 month, I paid in full.Minimum $250 but I am waiting for your offer and suggestions.mail m
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