buttons for sale Should You Get A Bumper Or A Case For Your iPhone 5?

by:BLEE     2019-07-13
buttons for sale Should You Get A Bumper Or A Case For Your iPhone 5?
If you have/are buying an iPhone 5, then you might want to know if it's worth buying a rubber bumper to put outside the phone, or a box for the phone.Both different styles of housing protect the phone.But which one is better, do you really need it?The IPhone 4 comes with the Apple bumper to make it work properly, because if you take the phone and try to use it as a phone, the signal on the early phone is garbage.
The IPhone 5 should not need a shell or bumper as not only is it considered more difficult to break, but the signal issue forces people who bought an earlier version of the iPhone 4 to use the bumper (I am one of them!) It's sorted out now.But should you get yourself a bumper?Bumper or case?The bumper is only suitable for the edge of the phone, you get the phone card in, and you can buy the box that covers the entire batch.If you use the bumper you really don't need to get the phone out and the case will be filled with dust and sand or at least in my pocket so for the sake of being clean, you have to take it out again and again.
It should be remembered that the back of the iPhone 5 is easier to scratch than the back of the previous glass, so if you want to keep it in its original state, or as close as possible, then take a full case.I prefer the bumper.I don't know why, I just tend to find the full boxes a bit bulky and I 've never really liked them.I know that when my contract expires, I will break my phone to some extent, but I will be happy as long as it is not broken before that.
The IPhone should now be much harder than the old version.The back of the phone is now metal, not glass, so while it is more likely to scratch, it is unlikely to break if you put it down.While this is more difficult, the problem is that if you put it down first, as shown in this photo, it can still be broken.
You have to be very clumsy to break your new iPhone, but this can happen.I was clumsy and found things slipping wildly through my hands.I often put things down, and the general rule of my body work is that the more expensive the items are, the more likely I will put them down.
I have lost my iPhone many times.
Bumper/case is very important in my opinion.It allows me to throw my phone over, throw it at the table and wait, and put it down on a regular basis without breaking it down.The bumper is usually proud of the screen, so you can throw your iPhone face down on the table and it will fall on the rubber.
I used a friend iPhone that didn't use the bumper and when I threw it on the glass table it had a huge collision, although luckily it didn't break.But my friend gave me a sour look.If you have a black bumper then you can't really tell it to be on the phone either.Well, you can, but it doesn't interfere with this thing, which means it's unlikely to fly straight out of the sewer from your pocket, or sneak out of your pocket while you're in a taxi (one of my favorite ways to lose my phone ).
They are very cheap, so my advice is if you have a shiny new iPhone, buy yourself one and try it out for a few days.If you are going to buy a bumper, make sure you have a bumper with a separate button.I tried a solid rubber bumper which was great except that the volume button became unavailable.
Quickly hit the bin.
There are a lot of cheap ones to sell, but there are the right buttons, so you will have a lot of options.Once you get used to it, you may find that you prefer it, hopefully you won't break your iPhone.Thanks for reading
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