buttons for sale How to Adjust the Cut Out Pressure on a Central Pneumatic Model 94667

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Central Pneumatic sells a full range of pneumatic tools and compressors through Port Freight Tools.94667 is a 21-Gallon vertical tank compressor.Like all central pneumatic compressors, it has two pressure adjustments.The first is the outlet pressure, which is controlled by the pressure regulator on the compressor control panel.This is the pressure of the compressor to enter the tool.Another adjustment is hidden under the plastic cover above the air conditioner.It controls how high the pressure in the tank will rise before the compressor is turned off or "cut off.Turn on the compressor and let it fully charge the tank.Write down the meter pressure located on the compressor control panel.Look at it and find the plastic cover that covers the pressure switch.It will be a black plastic rectangular box.Remove a screw on the left side and lift the plastic cover.Looking for hexadecimalHead brass bolt on top of switch.It is located at the back of the yellow button, when the correct pressure is reached, the yellow button pops up and the compressor can be started by pressing the button.Look for the plus and minus signs next to the bolts, they have arrows indicating the direction of turning the head of the bolt to achieve the desired results.Turn the bolt clockwise with the wrench to increase the pressure setting, causing the compressor to run longer before exiting.Turn it counter-clockwise to reduce the pressure.Pull the release valve located directly below the pressure switch out of the pressure and open the compressor motor.Note the pressure when the switch pops up and adjust the bolt as needed to get the required pressure.Reinstall the black plastic cover and insert the mounting screw into the hole.Turn and tighten clockwise.The compressor is back to normal use.
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