build your own arcade machine How to Make Your Own Carnival Games to Test Your Strength

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

The "test your strength" game is the main content of any classic carnival.The game is also known as "strong man", "high forward" and "Space Launch ".\ "In the game, participants use the mallet to hit the board as hard as possible, forcing the object to hit the ball upwards.The "test your power" carnival game can be depicted with different themes to suit carnival, or add diversity if you have more than one such game.Make a "L" shape with 1-by 6-inch, 10-foot-Long board and 2-by 6-inch board.Stand the 1-by 6-Vertical inch plate and 2-by 6-Inch plate at the bottom, with a "L" bracket on each side.Adult games are usually set to 10 feet and children's games are set to 6 feet.Measure from the bottom of the game and mark the position at a distance of 10-8 inchThe foot board meets the base.Place the 2-by 2-The inch plate on the position so that it extends from right to left through the base.Put the game on one side, put 2-by 2-Put the inch plate in place from the bottom.Draw the game to indicate the score of the player.The marks on the vertical board should be up in increments of 100 per foot.For the "space launch" game, draw a vertical board, just as the horizon gradually becomes space as the planet or moon moves towards the top of the game.Install the L bracket to the top of the plate and place the Bell there.L the horizontal arm of the bracket will have a wire shaft hitting the bell.Connect the last L stand to a vertical board 1 inch from the bottom of the game.Pass the wire through the screw hole on the bottom L bracket horizontal arm, wrap it around and tie it.Slide the wire shaft into the wire and pull the wire up through the holes in the top L bracket.Pull down the taught wires and fasten them.The metal nut will also work instead of the wire shaft.Fix the bell to the top of the vertical plate with the screws attached to the bell.Stay 1 feet long, 1-by 6-The inch plate is flat to the wire and marked on the plate where the wire is located.Cut a notch on the plate so that the plate slides under the wire shaft.The gap should no longer be 1.5 inches wide.Slide the gap plate under the line shaft and 2-by 2-inch board.Nail the gap plate at 2-by 2-Inch board and hit the end of the notch Board to test the game.The 2-by 2-The inch plate works as a fulcrum, and the end of the notch plate will push the line axis up.
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