build your own arcade machine How to Build a Homemade Mini Golf Course

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

You don't have to click on the link when the golf course may be in your own backyard.Build lessons like cereal boxes, cardboard tubes and books using regular household items, you can create this fun and challenging 9-Mini golf course that the whole family will love.Balloon arch is a great way to start the course.Inflate six to seven balloons and tie them to the wire.Bend the wire into an arch and insert the end into the grass.Not mini golf without a windmill.To create your own windmill, cut an opening on the top of the plastic bucket and place it upside down so that the opening is on the grass.Place an inverted terracotta tank on top of the bucket.For the blade, please connect two criss-Use some glue dots to cross the ruler on the top of the windmill.The castle is another must.have.To design this, you need an empty big cereal box and two small ones.In larger boxes, cut an arched opening at the bottom of both sides, but do not remove them completely as they will be used for suspension bridges.Put some stones in the box to help them stay upright on the grass.Then cover the boxes in the shelter with duck tape.Cut the gap at the top of the small box in the castle battlements.Fold the door you create when cutting the opening in the big box and attach the box to the chain on the door to add to the suspension bridge.Add an extra grain box corner to the top tip of the castle if you wish.Place books upright like tents to create a maze or path for golf.The crocodile is eager for golf.Cut out two crocodile shapes from the craft foam-one for the top and one for the bottom-and pin them around the cardboard mailing tube.Add some felt teeth at the opening.Now try to hit the ball in his mouth.Let's make this more challenging.To create a water barrier, also known as a "drink", fill the aluminum baking sheet with water.Place a piece of wood on the edge of the aluminum tray of the ramp so that the golf ball can fly over the water.If you have goblin or any type of garden decorations, put some of them on the grass, and as a maze, golf balls must be woven without beating or banging them.You skipped the water but can you avoid the sand pit?Like a water barrier, fill an aluminum pan with sand and put a piece of wood on the edge of the pan to make the ramp."19 holes" is the slang for a place where you have a drink after a golf game.At this mini golf course, the 9 th hole actually contains drinks.Tie a rope around the neck of two water bottles, connect them, and hang a card on the rope.The door opens when the golf ball is between two water bottles.Print some numbers on the printer and stick them on some triangle with feel.Then stick the felt to the wood string and you can use it to insert the grass in each hole.If you don't have a putter, you can make your own putter with a 1/2 PVC pipe and elbow.Wrap the duck tape around the PVC pipe and color code them.All you have to do now is..have fun!
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