build your own arcade How to Build a Corner China Cabinet

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

The cabinets placed in the corner of the room are often the focus of that room.China is one of the most common display items in corner display cabinets.If you are the kind of person who likes to take risks, then you are happy to build your own corner Chinese cabinet.To help you build the perfect corner cabinet, when you know the length of at least one corner cabinet, knowing the bidagolas theorem will help you determine the length of all three sides of the corner cabinet.Set the table saw fence at 24 inch.Next, put the blade at 45-degree angle.Lay oak plywood on the fence along 96-inch edge.Tear off the plywoodYou will have about 24 by 96 inch pieces of plywood and a 45-The angle of degree along one edge.Set the table saw fence at 20 inch.Place the diagonal edge of a piece in step 1 on the fence and tear the plywood again.Measure the width from the long point of the Mitter to the edge of the square.It should be 20 inch.Set the table saw fence at 19 1/4.Place the diagonal edge of the other piece in step 1 on the fence and tear the plywood again.Measure the width from the long point of the Mitter to the edge of the square.It should be 19 1/4.Set the table saw fence at 2 1/4.Rip the two 1-by-3-by-72-An inch of wood.These are the end parts of the face frame.Set the desktop saw blade back to 90 degrees.Then, set the table saw fence 24 inch on the left side of the blade (Ie., On the blade ).Two pieces created from step 1 to step 3 will go through the grain.These two pieces should give you a length of 72 inch.These are the corners of the cabinet.Lay the two pieces so that the long side of the diagonal is down.Measure and mark up from the bottom edge 18 inch.Place the frame square on that mark and draw a line on the width of the plywood.Set the table saw fence at 2 1/4.Cut four pieces from the remaining plywood in step 5.Measure and cut 19 1/4 with electric herringbone saw.These are splints that will be used for the bottom and top shelves.Eight pieces, 3/4-Inch plywood on the table 19 1/4 by 19 1/4.Place the frame square from angle to angle and draw a line that creates two triangles.Do this for all eight parts.Next, cut the plywood on that line with a circular saw.You will have 16 triangles.8 of them will be bigger than the other 8.You will use the bigger ones on the shelves of Chinese cabinets.Place the two end plates created in the previous section on the table, with the length of the Mitter pointing down.Place 4 2 1/4-by-19 1/4-Inch plywood in step 6 of the previous section is flush with the ends of the two end plates.Apply glue under them and fix them on the end plate with 4d box nails.From the 18-Inch Mark made in step 5 of the previous part, measure 10 1/2 and make a mark.Next, measure 3/4 and make another mark.Then, start with that mark and repeat the pattern twice more.Place the frame square on each mark and draw a line on the width of the end plate to indicate the direction of the shelf.Do this for each end board.Drill the guide holes along the edge, and each 8 inch is not mitted on the width of the two end plates.Make sure there is also one at both ends.Next, apply glue along that edge.Stand on the edge of it so that the other panel will dock with it to form a "L" shape.Fix two pieces with 1 1/2 each otherInch drywall screws.Drill the guide holes anywhere the end plate will receive the shelves (marks and lines in step 2 ).Next, run a glue along two edges of one of 19 1/4Inch shelf and place it at the bottom of the end plate where the splint is located.Fix it on the end plate with drywall screws.Repeat this for all shelves.Be sure to clean up the excess glue with a damp cloth immediately.1-one of the placesby-3-by-72-Inch of wood on the end panel.Drill a pilot hole on each shelf.Remove it, apply glue along the edge of the end plate, put it back on the glue, and fix it with a 6d finish nail.Next, in 45-Enter the angle of the end plate through the wood and drive the 6d finish nail in each end plate.Repeat this for the other end panel.Measure the space between two pieces of wood (Cabinet width) at the top of the cabinet.Mark one of the three 1-by-3-by-36-Accordingly, oak wood in inches.Cut it with an electric recliner, and because you want to fit closely, you will see a longer period of time.Repeat this for the other two pieces and measure it according to their differences.Drill pilot holes with 1/16-Inch drill bits, apply glue to the shelves in each position and nail them with 6d finish.Use the DingTalk to set all the nails.Fill nail holes and face frame joints with oak putty.Let it dry and polish with a Sander.Then, polish the cabinet with an electric vibrating sander.
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