build your own arcade How do I Build a Steel Storage Cabinet?

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Steel cabinets are a way to store items such as gardening equipment, tools or other supplies.Steel is a tough and durable material, so it can withstand a lot of use, and it can withstand weather better than wood.Building your own steel cabinet is a cost-effective way to get extra space, although you need to make plans, find the right materials and take the time to assemble them.By doing so, however, you can build it according to your own specifications.Measure the height, width and length of the area where you want to place the cabinet.Write these measurements because you need them to design your steel cabinet in accordance with the specifications.Create a diagram of the steel cabinet and mark it as the size you get.A basic cabinet consists of a rectangular steel box with two doors open outward and another shelf fixed inside.Custom features such as chrome handles and security locks can also be added.Put the back panel of the cabinet on the ground.Pair two even strip steel with a diameter of 2 inch diagonally across the back of the steel plate to form an "X"Fix them in place by drilling screws and nuts along the length of the metal strip.These will provide strength and support for the back of the cabinet.Build the basic cabinet shape by fixing the side of the steel cabinet.Weld the long edge of the rear panel to the side panel.This provides a rigid connection between the two edges.Attach the top of the steel cabinet to the side and back panel.Weld the paper at right angles to create the box.It is placed horizontally, while the side and back plates are placed vertically.Weld the base to the bottom of the back plate and side in the same way as the top.Twist the bracket to the inside of the side panel to support the shelf.Alternatively, the screw drawer slides to the side and holds the drawer in place.Make sure the accessories are horizontal using the plumb line.Connect the door with two hinges on both sides of the cabinet.If locks and door handles are included in the design, add them.
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