build your own arcade How do I Build a Birdhouse Out of Popsicle Sticks?

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

If you want to give the birds in the yard a comfortable place to relax, you can design and build your own aviary with a wooden craft stick.Build four walls and floors, one door, one piece of wood and one-frame roof.Decorate the aviary of any style and color you want with craft paint.Some measurements are needed for this project, but the material is simple to use.Place 11 craft sticks vertically on your work surface.There are three "Z" aircraft in front.In this way, two walls are repeated, and a total of 11 craft rods are made into three walls.These will be the floor and front and back of the house.Two more walls were built in the same way, only 10 craft sticks were used this time.These will be the side walls of the house.Draw a 2-on the wall in front of the House-Use a pencil in the center.Score along the lines with your craft knife, cut out the square and make a window.Glue the four walls of the house together with the shape of the "Z" stick inside.The 11-On the wall at the front and back, 10-The two sides are wall-mounted.Stick a wall at a time, apply a glue along the edge, and fix the wall together with your fingers until the glue cools enough to fix itself.Stick the four walls to the floor.Identify the center bar on the front wall.This should be number 6.With your pencil, draw a point near the top of the stick inside the house.Repeat it with the center stick on the back wall.Cut a craft stick in half.Apply a small amount of glue on the curved end of the craft stick and stick it to the point you drew on the front wall.The stick should stick inside the house with the center stick and the cutting edge should point upwards.Place the other half of the stick on the dot on the back wall in the same way.Make sure the cutting edges are uniform to each other.Place a small amount of glue on each half of the cutting end of the craft bar.Place another craft stick on top.Put a glue along the ridge on the roof you just built.Put another glue along the upper edge of one wall.Place 11 craft sticks vertically in the glue to form one side of the roof.Repeat on the other side of the house.Ensure that the tip of the process is evenly glued to the top of the roof.To fill the empty triangle before and after the House, stick the craft to the roof at once and use a pencil to track the angle you need to cut off.Cut the stick with your craft knife and stick it to one at a time.Cover the rough edges in front of the roof.Stick a craft horizontally to the boundary between the top of the front wall and the roof.The glue process sticks diagonally along the front roof line.Cover the rough edges on the back of the roof in the same way.Cover the rough edge of the top of the roof.Stick a craft to the top of the roof, and the end of the craft stick is there.Stick two more craft sticks, one on each side, close to the top.Stick the stake perpendicular to the front wall under the window to form a habitat.Paint and decorate the aviary with the color or design of your choice.Spray on the acrylic seal according to the manufacturer's instructions.
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