bowling arcade game Xtreme Indoor Karting in Florida - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
bowling arcade game Xtreme Indoor Karting in Florida - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination
The next time you're looking for something fun and exciting in South Florida, you might want to check out the Xtreme Indoor kart.This is one of the fastest indoor kart tracks in the country, and when you accelerate to 45 miles an hour around the asphalt track, it will definitely make your adrenaline go up.The indoor track is half a mile so fast that you will feel like you are really driving NASCAR!For those who don't want to drive a kart or want to take a break, there are over 120 interactive arcade games to play.
Some companies can even choose to hold a meeting in one of the five meeting rooms of the Xtreme Indoor kart building.There are even two meeting rooms where you can see the sky on the indoor track.The rooms can also be used for parties, which is very interesting.
The finish line sports bar is also popular with tourists, and the plasma TV, pool table and full bar really make visitors more excited.The facility is 90,000 square feet and costs over $4 million!The indoor kart is nice with 40 European Bowman kart.When you travel 45 miles/hour on an indoor runway, you really feel like you're flying.
For children over the age of 8, there is also a special kart.One of the features tourists really like is the driver's print output with race analysis, as well as the scoreboard with real-time results.The 18-hole indoor mini golf course is another very interesting feature.
Take a break from the car and play a golf game or two with family or friends is great.Children and adults like the mini bowling alley very much.The track is open seven days a week, so you can set off at any time between twelve o'clock P.
and ten o'clock P.
from Monday to Thursday, and the race starts at three o'clock P.M.On Friday and Saturday, the track is open from twelve o'clock P.M. to twelve o'clock A.M. and from twelve o'clock P.M. to ten o'clock P.M. on Sunday.Tickets are $26.£ 50 for race permits and head socks.For those who do not pass the assessment, they can practice for 5 minutes for $14.
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