bar top video games for sale Basket Ideas for a Chinese Auction

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Chinese auctions combine the concept of a lottery with silent auctions.There are several items or baskets on display.You can choose the items you want to bid on and place your raffle voucher in the box corresponding to those items instead of everyone bidding for a big prize.Someone drew a ticket for each item.Preparing gift baskets for Chinese auctions is fun and creative.Make a basket for kids of all ages including playing cards, rubber balls, action pictures or dolls, video games, movies and DVDs, books and clothes.In order to make the basket more valuable, including tickets for adventure parks, movie tickets, gift certificates for e-shops and gift cards for children's clothing stores.Wrap the basket with brightly colored cellophane.Use paper towels in less feminine colors such as pink and silver.Including martinis, margar Tower, chocolate bars and cosmetics.Additional value includes spa packages for nearby resorts, premium gift certificatesEnd the gift card for hair salon and boutiques for shoes or accessories.Wrap the basket in pink cellophane with ribbons dripping on it.Instead of packing this basket in a traditional wicker basket, go all out by buying a portable grill, toolbox or wheel cooler.Fill it up with BBQ, home decor or tailgate favorites and don't forget the beer, baseball cap and beauty set.To strengthen this brave basket, add $500 to a shopping spree at a local department store where lucky winners can buy Cologne perfumes, clothing and footwear.Set up a basket with gift vouchers for a variety of local fun activities: meals at local restaurants and bars, tickets to regional attractions such as museums and concerts, movie tickets, passes to rock climbing Studios, cupcakes for local bakeries, as well as dog training or cooking classes.Put everything in a small basket with local postcards and bumper stickers.
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