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by:BLEE     2019-07-01
Those players with some retro style will remember the Mattel Fire Wheel game affectionately.No, they're not video games (although they did release video games of the same name a long time later)-instead,xa0A series of racing games in which you have to build the actual track and can race non-Electric toy car.Tracks can include jumping, highSpeed angle, even gravity angleIgnoring the loop, at that time it was very interesting to play.
Similarly, Ubisoft's gorgeous arcade racer track mania TURBO has many connections to those Hot Wheel games.Think the ridge racing is in line with the motorcycle.Racing turbineOr TMT for short-there are amazing 200 tracks in four different places (Valley and dirty, roller coaster lagoon, Canyon Grand Canyon rafting)xa0And the International Stadium), where the brutal speed and ability to fight the law of gravity can bring you success.
The best thing about TMT is that no matter how skilled you are, you can get it from the word go and enjoy it.Even if you are an experienced gamer, you can enjoy a lot of things here.Understanding how to push one of your four different styles of vehicles is critical to success.
Can you drift in every corner of this track?If so, how far would you like to push it?The track is not long-the best part of a minute will get you through most of the single laps-but there are plenty of ways here to test your courage-huge jumps from crossing the canyon to the head-spinning half-You either land successfully or see you crash in the burning mess.If you're ready to compete online, TMT offers you some wonderful multiplayer options including amazing 100-Player online multiplayer mode.There's not much to complain about, and there's a lot to love about TMT.
Physics (a bit far though-Fetched) is great, and a lot of tracks available will get you back to learn more
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