Advertising Through Arcade Video Games

by:BLEE     2019-05-08

The practice of promoting a particular product or organization using arcade video games is called "advertising games" and has been used successfully for many years.Wired magazine used the term for the first time in column 2001 to describe the trial run of free online games for large companies.This type of advertising works best when advertising consumables.It is not fair for services (unless the cost is very low) to use ad games.

Types of Advertising Games

Advertising games are divided into three categories: ATL advertising games, BTL advertising games and TTL advertising games.ATL advertising games can be summarized as offering a promotional video game.The business integrates interactive video games on its website in order to raise awareness of its products among website visitors.This method is also used to attract more visitors and increase traffic on the website.If the game is made for product advertising, the product will be highlighted in the game.Similarly, this type of advertising is the highest price when consumer goods are on the market.Before the invention of the Internet, floppy disks and later CDs were used as a medium to promote the game and, in turn, as a specific product.It starts with a floppy disk, basically to increase visibility and product promotion.The first advertisement was American home cooking developed by Chef Boyardee.Taco Bell and Coca-Cola then gave customers a floppy disk containing promotional games.Chex and General Mills are the first ads to be posted on the disc.The graphics of these games have matured from arcade-style flash to threeMasterpiece of stereo vision.The BTL advertising game consists of recruitment tools suchGame Advertising, militia and entertainment.Usually in such a game, the mascot of a particular company is depicted as a hero.Pepsi and hamburger are the mascots used in the promotional games designed by Pepsi and Burger King respectively.The storyline of these games can be of a commercial, educational or recruitment nature.An example of recruitment is the "American Army" game.It was created to attract more young people to the military.Like Formula One racing, it's part of the technology.In-Game advertising is more of a business type, purely to promote products through the game.This type of advertising continues to accelerate.It is particularly popular in the film industry.Many action-This method can promote the type of film.A good example can be seen on the movie Mom's website.The game included in this site has a storyline similar to the movie, where players can learn the facts of the movie and its theme Egyptian mummies.Similarly, educational advertising games refer to games that convey moral messages to players.;The Pepsi banner is on the frame of the game.By using this strategy, these companies are able to offer low prices or free games to consumers who are constantly promoting their brands in their subconscious mind.This advertising tool is also effective in reducing the price of games for monthly fees.TTL advertising games or "crossing the line" advertising games are the most rare forms of advertising games.The URL link is embedded in a game that takes the player to the web page with the BTL advertising game on the web page.Draw players to specific web pages in different ways.In the game "input matrix", the URL hyperlink is described in the background, and players are forced to click to understand the facts related to the next level of plot, while promoting the product.Curiosity about the theme of the game attracts players, although clicking to complete the game may not be necessary.This type of game is often called link-One link causes another.Site visitors are sometimes rewarded to prompt them to click on the URL.This advertising technology is very beneficial because it not only generates awareness among players, but also awareness among friends who log in to the website according to their friends' suggestions.The success of all forms of advertising Games depends largely on word of mouth.So this type of advertising is called "viral marketing" in some circles ".In 2004 alone, the industry generated about $83 in revenue.6 million, involving more than 0.105 billion players.

How About The Developmen Of Games In Nowadays

These numbers of games are expected to be many times higher today.The key point they have to keep in mind is that the product must be compatible with the intended audience.If your business sells very lowThis form of advertising is very effective.Better yet, if your consumables are bought most often by the free (teen) gaming crowd, your success rate can be very high.If your products are really for more mature users, don't expect to find them on the free gaming site.If your product is a higher product line, or an opportunity to invest in some form, this advertising media has not yet proven itself to be effective.Including utilities, apps, games, etc.These attract a wider audience and can still effectively advertise products and services at all levels.release.Take some time to study this way of advertising.If users like the software, they already have an instinctive respect for you and think you are an expert.When looking for products/services that are similar to you, they will find you first.

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