arcade video game machines The Video Game Industry Crash And Its Savior

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
arcade video game machines The Video Game Industry Crash And Its Savior
In the 1980 s, the popularity and interest of the host game industry increased rapidly.There were a lot of game systems on the market during that time, and I'm sure Yali was one of the most popular.In that era, only one person could easily develop the whole game in a few months.
But with the increasing popularity and demand of the console industry, programmers who take advantage of this are starting to create more video games in less time.The result is a bug, poor qualityGames that have gradually led to a decline in consumer interest in the gaming industry.In fact, the industry has been spending money, and it has fallen, assuming that the astonishing growth rate will remain unchanged.
In 1984 and 1985, the home video game industry was almost dead, while the arcade was still profitable at a slow pace.Nintendo has three important developments in the way video games are made and sold.First of all, they have a firm control over who can and can't make game titles for their machines.
Anyone who wants to make a game on the system needs permission from Nintendo.They want to know that publishers are trustworthy and they will support their products.Next, they set very good quality standards.
Getting a license to develop a game for their system is not enough to start rolling out the game, and their own program is that if they produce a product for their system, Nintendo has to thoroughly analyze their product, before giving it the green light.Several independent publishers complained about it because Nintendo also released their own games, so the testing process gave them an idea of what their competitors were doing in advance.Having said that, they take into account their reputation in every video game with a logo.
They don't want their name to appear in a game with poor design.Nintendo has developed content requirements.They want to be seen as producers of children's entertainment programs.
They want people to think of the word "Nintendo" as "safe for children ".Because of this, Nintendo has a very strict content guide for blood, gore and violence accepted under the approval of Nintendos.As anyone can imagine, this process has upset many publishers and programmers in these policies.
With all these types of policies, standards and guidelines, it limits the number of games that can be obtained at any time on your own system.With bad, inferior, and substandard games drastically reduced, this will definitely push down the price, and a second crash can be very unlikely.Nintendo's policies have paved the way for their prosperity and made a huge contribution to helping the gaming industry get out of trouble.
Over the years since then, every company that makes console machines has followed similar rules, and the industry is continuing to grow and grow.Today, the industry is growing, and at this point, another crash is very unlikely, and if it does happen, it will be subject to different factors compared to the first one
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