arcade unit The History of Gaming

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
arcade unit The History of Gaming
This is the time for the game to "start", exactly when Pong takes over convenience stores and restaurants, it's 1972.In 1977, however, the first home console landed in the home game market.The Atari 2600 console sold 27,640,000 units worldwide.
1980 s: The Beginning of Nintendo, Pac-Release of Pac-1980 and 1981Man and Mario, respectively.The latter sells 60,000 arcade machines, and the former sells 350,000 arcade machines.However, it is in the middlePeople in their 80 s saw the game shift.
Released in 1985 and continues to sell up to 61,910,000 units.The game scene is just evolving at this point, and Nintendo has a new development direction four years later --breaker.The Gameboy.This is the first handheld game device that players fall in love with because of its portability.
In fact, a total of 118,690,000 units were sold.As early as 1991, Nintendo boarded it again.This time the Super Nintendo (SNES) was released, and it sold a total of 49,100,000 units so far.
But 1993 is the birthplace of the world's Martial Arts Games.This has also attracted the attention of parents as violence is depicted in the Mortal quick play.This is also the first 2-Players fighting games.
The popular PlayStation game also dates back to 1994, when it was first released under the title Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.In 1995, Sony became the entrance to the game, just like the beast they were about to be.Sony's PlayStation, the first console, sold 104,250,000 units.
At the turn of the millennium, Sony launched the most popular and best --Console for sale all time.In fact, Sony PlayStation 2 has sold 157,680,000 units so far, and no other console can beat it.The next year, Microsoft knocked on the front door of the game with 24,650,000 Xbox consoles sold.
The console comes with Halo, the first-Popular shooting games among players.After the successful launch of od Gameboy, Nintendo launched another handheld device called Nintendo DS in 2004, one of the most popular handheld devices ever sold 154,010,000 units.In Version 2005, Microsoft followed Xbox with HD graphics and DVD compatibility for Xbox 360, with sales reaching 84,000,000 units.
However, in 2006, Sony released the PlayStation 3 that competes with the Xbox 360.The console continues to sell 83,000,000 units, and the PS3 is the only exclusive owner of Blu-ray.ray technology.In 2008, World of Warcraft entered the game field, followed by my world in 2010.
The next year, Nintendo released a Nintendo 3DS for 53,070,000 units.On 2013, Microsoft released 30,970,000 Xbox One units, half of PS4 sales, reaching 63,120,000 units.Games and other fun online games!
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