arcade style video games The Best Female Fighters In The History of Video Games - Street Fighter

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
arcade style video games The Best Female Fighters In The History of Video Games - Street Fighter
Having written an article about "the best female warrior in video game history" and seeing that some people are disappointed that their favorite is not included, I think I will be playing fighting games alone, list some of the most prominent female characters.Starting with arguably the most popular video game series (at least in fighting games), Street Fighter."Street Fighter" was released by game developer Capcom on 1987.
This video game series includes not only games, but also movies, cartoons, anime, comics, card games and characters --playing games.There are no women at all in 1987 arcade games and we have to wait until Street Fighter II starts to see the ladies show up.Chun-\ "Because after all, she was the first female to play a character in a fighting game.
The name Chun-Li is Mandarin, meaning "the beauty of spring ".Maybe it's a real quirk of video game character design, Chun-Li's thigh is really big.This can be explained because a lot of her attacks are going on.
Chun-Li Na appeared in 1994 real-life movies played by Minna.Street Fighter: The Legend of spring-She was played by Kristin Crocker.Cammy, the second female warrior in the Street Fighter series, also appeared in the Street Fighter II.
In addition to the Street Fighter video game series, she is still in X-Men vs.Marvel vs Street FighterCapcom 2, Capcom.SNK, Capcom vs.SNK 2, Cannon Spike, Namco capcapcom and The Last Battle: on the street.Her video game character design is somewhat different from Chun's.
Li's appearance is more muscular.
Cammy is slim and petite, but has developed muscles.She has long blond hair (usually two braids), blue eyes and a scar on her left cheek.Played by Kelly Milo.Her fighting style is the technical and special forces training for the shadalo assassination.
Ross made his debut at the Street Fighter Alpha.Unfortunately for Rose, she had a close connection with the bison, and one thing, she was fascinated by him after a battle.Street Fighter: The Legend of spring-Eliza Kiryukhina plays.
Cherry blossoms Kasugano worshipped Lu Yu and appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the first time.Her fighting style is self.Taught the imitation of Ryu.R.Rainbow Mika debuted in the Street Fighter Alpha 3.In the competition, she was a professional wrest and admired Zangief.
The video game design of Mika is.
..Well, I think it's silly.
Karin Kanzuki also appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha 3, which is an opponent of cherry blossoms.Basically, she is a spoiled, snobbish rich girl who calls everyone else "civilian ".Juni and Juli appear in the arcade version of the Street Fighter Alpha 3.
They are twins, brainwashed female assassins, belonging to the Buffalo elite guard or the "doll ".By the way, all the dolls are named after months of the year, and Juni and Juli are Germans in June and July.The blond-haired red-Maki, a master of tolerance in a female costume, first appeared in SNES Fighting Game Final Battle 2.
She made her debut in Capcom.
SNK 2, then a portable version of the Street Fighter Alpha 3.Ingrid should have appeared in Capcom's battle with All-Star arcade games, but when this was canceled, they moved her to Capcom's battle for Arcade and Playstation 2.She finally starred in PlayStation Portable in "Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.
Ibuki is a female ninja (not many in video games?First appeared in Street Fighter III.Makoto first appeared in the Street Fighter III: 3rd attack.Hokuto first appeared in Street Fighter EX.
The daughter of an Arab millionaire, Prum Perner, first appeared on the Street Fighter EX2 Plus.The daughter of a wealthy European family (why are there so many rich daughters in the Street Fighter series?), Blair Dame first appeared as a secret character in the original Street Fighter EX, a regular character in the Street Fighter EX Plus and EX Plus.The red-Haired Rose made her debut in "Street Fighter EX 2.
She is a part-time nun and a part-time nun.Class agent for secret intelligence teamAt least she's not a daughter of many people.billionaire.Hokuto's sister, Nanase, first appeared in Street Fighter EX2 as a hidden character and became Street Fighter EX2 Plus and Street FighterThe young girl with braids, Rocket Skates and huge mechanical arms made her debut on the Street Fighter EX2 Plus.
I really don't think they have a lot of ideas here.C.Secret agents employed in the United States.S.Government agency Crimson VIP made its debut in Street Fighter 4.
The fan's reaction to the character has been split from "ridiculous" to "The Best New Character ".Part of the reason she looks so inappropriate is that video game character design is based on marketing research.Capcom's R & D department wants to know what role American audiences like to play.
Juri Han, the first Korean character in the Street Fighter series, will debut in the Super Street Fighter IV.She is also the first character to use taekwondo in the video game series.You can see her on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in spring 2010.
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