arcade style video games Best Puzzle Games to Warp Your Brain

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
arcade style video games Best Puzzle Games to Warp Your Brain
When Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all have the same idea, it's obviously a good idea.Although there are many differences between 7-generation consoles, all three have similar features.All three companies allow users to download classic video games from older systems and newly created micropcsA game of nominal fees.
On the Xbox 360, these games are called Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games.Currently, the number of downloads from Xbox Live is close to 300.Here are the best XBLA puzzle games to date.
Jewelry 2 (PopCap Games )-The original Bejeweled was a very popular free software game on various Internet game sites such as Yahoo Games.The game can be upgraded and downloaded for a small fee.The popularity of the game has earned developers enough to make a sequel.
The sequel adds extra features and game modes while still keeping everything from the original.For most games, it's better to play the original before any sequel.This game is an exception to this rule and players who have never experienced this series should download this excellent title.
Beauty Restaurant (Backbone Entertainment )-In the game industry, clicking puzzle games is nothing new.While most people will soon forget, the dinner dashboard is something special.The premise is that a young woman is trying to make her newly purchased restaurant successful, which is very basic and is common for this type.
But for a variety of reasons, from interesting visuals to a position on the difficulty curve, this game has gained a huge fan base.There are about a dozen sequels currently, but for anyone who has never played the game, the original is the best way to start enjoying the young Flo adventure.Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD mix (Backbone Entertainment )-The Chibi version of Street Fighter competes in the Tetris style competition.
That mind-The premise of this surprisingly popular and addictive puzzle game is an amazing statement.Unlike most puzzle games, this game is actually competitive.By carefully operating the fallen gems, the player will have a chain reaction, setting up obstacles in the opponent's puzzle.
One player wins only if another player loses.While it is possible to play against a computer opponent, the game is indeed at its best when it is against a real-life opponent.Arkanoid Live!(Taito) -With the exception of Tetris, few games are often cloned like this one.
Arkanoid is basically just a card version of Pong, an addictive puzzle game that requires a quick response and a good sense of trajectory.The NES version sells a special controller that allows players to move the paddle smoothly, but this technology is not necessary as modern controllers progress.Despite the difficulty, this game attracts players of almost every age due to the colorful graphics and simple games, and is a good choice for children.
:-Want to know what is the best way to hit you?We will organize these puzzle games for you.All of this has been for the last ten years, so you won't get caught dead by playing something too old
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