arcade style games 10 Games Like Stardoll - Other Doll and Fashion Games

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arcade style games 10 Games Like Stardoll - Other Doll and Fashion Games
10 games like StardollDo you like makeup on Star dolls?Are you interested in other dolls and fashion games like Stardoll?There are many online options that clothing lovers will love to play.Stardoll is a popular browser-based game where users can dress up dolls with multiple tools.Stardoll also offers a range of fun educational and fashion games and is community-focused with member groups.
However, Stardoll is not the only dress up game for girls, and there are many other great games for all genders and ages, such as Stardoll.These experiences incorporate fashion and dress up into their core games, some of which even include sim-style games.Don't forget to stop in the comments section to share your favorite games like Stardoll or tell us about the fashion/dress up games we missed.
1 -One of the most popular sites on this page, with over 100 million members, focused on dress up, content creation, and social interaction.IMVU has been online since 2004 and users can chat, create and play games with 3D avatars.On IMVU, you can choose from more than 11 million unique items in the IMVU catalog to dress up your own unique 3D avatar.
Like most online games, IMVU uses a tiered access system that offers free and VIP accounts.The main attraction of IMVU over other sites such as Stardoll is the content creation aspect, allowing users to easily create their own fashion or other content for the IMVU universe.If you like to dress up but also to create a stylish style (or a general creation), then IMVU is worth a visit.
IMVU -2 -Currently one of the most popular fashion and dress-up sites, its wide range of activities has a huge appeal to the female audience.There are many similarities between Lady Popular and Stardoll, making it a Popular alternative.On Lady Popular, POP users can create their own online avatars, dress up in the latest fashion, meet with other fashion fans, mix and match, and create their own unique fashion style, decorate your own virtual space and even play games from a huge collection.
Lady Popular also offers music, art, design and competition, so there is no shortage of fun in this choice and definitely one of my favorite.3 -This is another of the most popular games, like Stardoll, where millions of members log in every day to watch their virtual pets.Although players customize their own dogs from their favorite breed and buy items to create the ultimate pet home, this game is still a Stylish browser-oriented game.
If you like the dress up and shopping theme of the star doll, but want to exchange your human avatar with your favorite dog breed, you will find that Wauies are perfect for you.You can also enter your dog in the show, vote for your favorite dog in the community, and even accept dog-related work.Wauies -4 -This is another free online fashion dress up game that also offers attention to music.
The Cooee Club is also designed to combine social networks to allow users (mostly women) to interact, share stories, talk about fashion or music.At the Cooee club, as they progress in their musical career, you play a role where players must gain fans and followers by participating in singing competitions, challenges and various mini-games.Club Cooee is a fun game like Stardoll that combines fashion, music and dress up to become a simple life simulation experience that attracts fans of such games.
Club Cooee -5 -Habbo Hotel is a unique game like Stardoll that lets you put on all the latest clothes and socialize with others.This site option will particularly appeal to teenagers who are interested in fashion and socialize with Habbo, who has gained a lot of inspiration from fashion shows and trend events.The Habo hotel has been around for a long time and is designed to easily build relationships with others and design an avatar that belongs to you.
If you're looking for games like Stardoll that appeal to older audiences, then the Habo hotel is definitely worth a visit.Habbo Hotel -6 -There are plenty of games on its website, including dress up games, makeup games, Project Runway games and arcade games.Along the way, you can also customize your own vatar.
All the games available on the site have a very different meaning and will have your game regardless of your style or preference.Our world also has an active community where you can participate in competitions, votes and forums.If you don't have enough dress up games, then our world is a great choice as there are plenty of options on the site.
OurWorld -7 -Diva Chix aims to be different from your standard dress up game by combining social, competitive and strategic features to its website.Diva Chix offers dress up and fashion games for girls, with the main focus on diva battles that determine who has the best sense of fashion.If you're looking for a free game like Stardoll that offers something different from a normal dress up game, then consider going to Diva Chix to have a look.
Diva Chix -8 -Style Me Girl is a mobile game similar to Stardoll, available on both Android and iOS devices.In fashion Me Girl, you can try fashion and dress up 3D models directly from your mobile device.Style Me Girl lets you buy thousands of different styles, choose different poses to create Awesome snapshots, decorate your photos with accessories, unlock fashion genres and play mini for coinsIf you are looking for a game like Stardoll that you can play on the go, then consider trying the style of Me Girl.
Style Me Girl -Style Me Girl -9 -Mall World is another game that focuses on fashion like Stardoll, which can be obtained through Facebook.Mall World is very popular and millions of players play games regularly.At the mall, you can play your own boss, run a popular fashion store, or spend all your time shopping.
The mall World is available only through Facebook, but completely free, making it a very popular replacement for Stardoll.In the shopping center, you will focus on buying clothes while running your own fashion store, and most importantly, you can go to the store run by friends.The mall world is also packed with different mini games to keep the game fresh and exciting.
Mall World -10 -The Sims takes a dress up game like Stardoll to a new level, allowing you to complete the design of your own people, house and even life.If you are a fan of dress up but want to experience a more in-depth simulation experience, there are a lot of products to choose from in the Sims series.In The Sims, you can create your own family, design your dream house, and then live the life you want.
The Sims series has always been a popular game choice for teenage girls and has been hailed as the most popular game series ever.Even if you are only interested in creating Sims and designing houses, Sims will appeal to you, and there are additional features as the number of expansion packs growsOns for anyone's personal preference.16 games like The Sims9 games like my candy loveSeven games like Second Life.
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