arcade shooting games Stickman Sniper Games: Which Is Your Favorite?

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Matchman sniper game is a popular online flash shooting game.Each game is usually signed up by you (sniper) for multiple missions to assassinate rival Matchman gangsters.This type of game includes skills, patience and lots of kills!Funnest and the most popular stickman sniper games you can find online are the sniper assassin series.
There are four in total in this series.
You play a Matchman sniper named Sean.
Sean is considered to be the best in his career.In each sniper assassin game you have to complete a series of tasks.Tasks include: killing hostile matchmen gangsters, assassination high priority targets, avenge your father's death, making things fun and kidnapping your beloved wife!One of my favorite missions in sniper assassin 3 is when you grab an opponent and have him sit in a chair.
You have a lot of options to torture matchmen to get information about where your wife might be!The latest sniper game to be released online is called Shadow: silent assassin.Your real identity is unknown in this game, but you are suspected to be an exCIA.Of course, you work for cash, and you won't ask any questions if the money is right.
In the first part, you are hired to kill a warlord named Joe.He operates in a warehouse in Los Angeles.You should kill him before he makes a weapon deal and saves all of us!The character of this sniper game is the reality of having to keep the rifle stable "nervous ".
It was tricky at first, but interesting.
The second part will be launched soon.
Several of the latest stickman sniper game series are known as sneaky snipers.The second part was recently released.Made up of many mini snipersPuzzles like missions, you have to assassinate your target.Some tasks will be direct and simple.But there are several missions that require you to take out your target by shooting him out of the way.
Another popular stickman sniper game is the city sniper series.Both of them are together.In city sniper you play a sniper who is hired to eliminate high priority targets for opponent gangsters and cash.You have to be patient and keep an eye out for special goals that are sometimes not easy to spot!We can't forget the epic adventure that Vinnie has ever had in Sift head series sniper games.
Every Sift Head game will show you a movie staring at Vinnie, the coolest Matchman sniper.The game shows awesome and bloody scenes between the intense sniper action of each mission.If you like shooting games, you should definitely look at the latest versions of Sift head World in Sift 1 to 4.
Of course, there are a lot of other really cool sniper games that can be played online.So, if you're a huge fan of calling modern War 2 on xBox, check out the many fun online sniper games!
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