arcade machine With friends like Lemuel Page, who needs enemies

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Many years later, Steve Josifovski was reluctant to believe he had been cheated.After all, he and Lemuel Page grew up together: since kindergarten at Waratah West Public School, they met and spent the weekend together."We grew up together ,"xa0Said Mr. Josifoski."But when he was 16 he moved to Sydney and we lost touch.One day at the end of 2001, over the past ten years, Mr. Page fovski popped up a Page at Waratah's home.It wasn't long before he was forced to take expensive legal action to try to recover $150,000, and the stock and real estate deals he invested in page never happened.So, over the years, Mr. Josifoski'sxa0Old classmates rest assuredxa0He-"I made a bank transfer yesterday "-But still.xa0There is hardly a fraction of the original debt."Page perfected his strategy ."xa0Said Mr. Josifoski."He's an expert in people's things.xa0Money. he doesn't care who you are.In the harsh judgment rendered on August 2010, Judge Margaret Sidis found "forged documents", "forged" pagesxa0The evidence, falsely claiming to be involved in the development and taking money for shares he has never purchased."Mr Page's ability to deceive is evident from the submission of documents proving his defense ,"xa0She said.Judge Sidis, in his favor of Mr. Josifovski, ordered Page to pay him nearly $250,000, plus legal costs of more than $130,000.Since the verdict was made public, people have been calling Mr. Josifoski.Someone he never met.Fellow victims.Theyxa0Common and familiar threads are reported.Page is playing his old tricks again.His long history of letting investors shortHas changed.xa0Exposedxa0Media Companyxa0Withxa0Dozensxa0Detailed description of the personxa0How are they?xa0Cheated by a liar.The modisure technology of Page is very smooth.He boasted that he was a wealthy businessman,End"xa0Property transactionsxa0Made a lot of money on the stock exchange.He assured Mr. josifuvsky and provided evidence in court proceedings that he was in contact with Theo Bakerxa0Point.Comxa0Entrepreneurs on 142xa0BRWxa0The wealth of the Rich 200 listed in 2001 is estimated to be $0.13 billion.Mr. Josifovski, who runs a successful arcade machinery company, was further convinced when Mr. Baker, as a partner, signed the first real estate transaction in which he was involved to develop the abandoned Mayfield service station as a unit.Mr. Baker said in contact with the ferfax media that he knew page "from the past"xa0Further comment was declined.Since his 1990 s, Page has worked in Newcastle or Sydney and has promoted himself to a financial wheeler --dealer.His contacts in business and real estate have given him a lot of connections and credibility.The rest was his smooth conversation."We don't have that many children," said Mr Josifovski ."."I 've been working all my life and I'm really happy to see him doing so well."He started carrying some high-He will call me and ask me to go for a drink or have a dinner."It took him about six months to start talking to me about the deal.The external character page shown is spot-on.His lifestyle is luxurious-luxurious cars, expensive watches, hobbies for the upper class, and a lot of talk about his upper class.Stock and property trading.Mr. Josifovski trusted his old friends, invested $85,000 in the purchase of shares, and $90,000 in several property deals in Mayfield, South Sydney, Cardiff and FosterOver the next few months, and years, Mr josifuvsky found himself constantly chasing page to find out why development was not going on.Page used his notorious strategy of delay to blame others, while insisting that the money would be taken from his next deal.Mr Josifovski was finally impatient.No matter what the reason for cheating is, he has no intention of going quietly.Increasingly unable to find the page on the phone, he first took legal action on Mayfield's development at the new state Supreme Court.This is out-of-court ReconciliationHe then filed a lawsuit against Page in the new state district court."The sad thing about Lemuel is that he is looking for deep friends and love," said Mr Josifovski ."."When he found it, he betrayed their trust and left traces of destruction."That's why all the victims need to stand up and talk.are not alone.A four-Court hearing on Augustxa02010xa0Heard of forged documents, forged invoices, lost reportsProperty transactions and forged letters.The nightmare is complete.Judge Sidis said that Page took the money from Mr. yosifuvsky, claiming that the money would be used for the development of Foster, South Sydney and Cardiff.However, Page is not interested in the development of the situation and cannot explain the lost money.She also found that the document submitted by page in support of his argument for the purchase of shares for Mr. josifuvsky was "forged ".She said that Page claimed that the funds were invested in the shares he identified, "apparently supported by false forged documents, and there is no evidence at all of what happened to the funds provided for the shares ".She further said: "I rejected Mr. page as a credit witness.In all cases of conflict between them, I prefer the evidence of Mr. Josifovski.Page, whose debt is over $17 million, signed a $180,000 personal bankruptcy agreement in last November, which many creditors objected to, saving him from bankruptcy.Page claims that he has only $200 in the bank and cannot repay millions of dollars owed to former friends and colleagues.A list of unsecured creditors in 2015 showed Mr. Page owed $5.8 million LA Zaris, Doctor of the Sydney dentist,xa0$2.8 million from Sydney GPxa0Donald Munro, $90,000Longtime accountant Philip choanu and lawyer Chris treusos, Battier Perry, are $400.Dr. Munro, he was involved.xa0Several developments in Page,xa0Fairfax Media's request for comment was not answered.No Dr. Lazaris.Trustee Jeffrey McDonald provided some details in the bankruptcy reportxa0About whatxa0For loans or investments.Despite the pressure on his economy, page.xa0Still live a wonderful and excessive life.The 48-year-Old ones are often found driving near Newcastle.xa0A luxury Mercedes G Wagon 4WD and Porsche convertible, both of which are worth hundreds of billions of dollars.Fortunately, he and his dragonNewcastle foot doctor and bodybuilder Renaixa0Cow, $1.2 million apartment overlooking Newcastle beach.In page 2016xa0After the Supreme Court ordered him to pay back $2 for one of the victims, he was forced to sell many properties.8 millionxa0But this apartment was bought by a former company of page.xa0Baihui one, controlled by his predecessor.Wife,xa0Fiona page."In the end, I received half a cent of dollars," said Mr Josifovski ."."I just don't understand, on my side, the court's judgment shows that everything is false, everything is fictional, why no one, somewhere in the process, it's fraud.The page isxa0Sentenced to at least eight months' imprisonment on July 6xa0After he sold his Sydney friend an engagement diamond ring worth $85,000.He hasxa0Appealxa0Ofxa0Sentencexa0And will make another appearance at the Sydney regional court next month.
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