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Welcome to my other center where we see the 10 best-selling arcade games of all time.These rankings are based on the number of arcade hardware units sold to retail stores and video arcades, not the general ranking of the game (number of units sold/game revenue ).So sit back and relax and enjoy the 10 best-selling arcade games of all time.
The success of Donkey junior was originally made as an arcade and it was also transferred to a home console.As a huge and popular member of the King Kong franchise, its position in the top 10 is well deserved.This is also Mario's only game to play the villain.
Game plot: Mario has now captured DK and locked him in a cage.Decided by Little King Kong.Save his dad from Mario's cage.9.Galaxian is a fixed shooting game based on the concepts and ideas of the early release of Space Invaders, the idea of the game is to destroy all the aliens in the level to further enter the boss level, but it adds the elements of drama by letting the ship dive like a dive on your ship.This is the first game to display all graphics in RGB colors and an early example of using levels and boss encounts.
Game plot: The only plot behind this game is the dialog on the title screen of the game "we are Galatians/missions: destroy aliens ".A good example of modern games is that making a game that is remembered and loved in the coming years doesn't require a story.8.The defender is Williams's first attempt to make an arcade machine after naming their pinball machine.
Inspired by asteroids and space invaders, Defender was commercially successful and became Williams's best-selling arcade game.It has also been ported to several other gaming platforms and remade, with a sequel since then.Game Plot: This is a sideThe rolling shooting game is designed to destroy alien ships while protecting astronauts on the surface of uninhabited planets.
Astronauts who have not been saved have been kidnapped by an alien spacecraft, and if this happens too many times, the Earth will be occupied and exploded by them, allowing you to kill a wave of mutant before the Earth recovers again.7.Is Street Fighter 2 part of history?So far it is still creating a popular franchise for the game.I suspect a lot of explanation is needed for this, but I will do a bit anyway.
For the street fighter, it all started on the arcade, and after its release in 1991, it ended up being ported to SNES in 1992 and named Capcom's best --Consumer games have been on sale as of 2010.The plot of the game: not the real plot, but more importantly, there are 8 playable characters and 4 computer bosses that will allow you to beat life alone or with friends in the best 3 games.6.King Kong is just a game that everyone knows and may have played at some point in time.
Whether it's on the original arcade machine, on the simulator, or on one of the many console versions that come up due to its success.One of the earliest examples of platform games is King Kong, which is also the first platform game featuring jumping.Game plot: the goal of King Kong is to avoid the bucket thrown on you by skipping the bucket and climbing the ladder, reaching the highest level so that our hero Jumperman (renamed Mario in the next race) you can go to the top and save the princess.
The two main characters in the games "Mario" (Jumperman) and "King Kong" have become two franchises for Nintendo, which are recognized worldwide.5.The asteroid is another classic that almost everyone has played due to its popularity and time of existence, and it is said to be one of the games that must have influence and success in the golden age of arcade games.It uses vectors and 2-D display allows you to move on the screen and blow up asteroids and spacecraft without being hit by debris or anti-fire.
Game plot: not a plot, but the purpose of the game is to keep alive while destroying incoming asteroids from all directions. The problem is that once you blow them up, it's more dangerous to roam the screen.Later, enemies appeared on the spacecraft, but they fought back to add more challenges to the game.
Pac-Originally made as an enhancement to PacMan, Ms.Pac-Man was released in North America as an unauthorized sequel and was later officially titled by Namco.There is not much difference in its game, but there are some differences, that is, Clyde's name is Sue now, there are now two sets of tunnels, not one set, ghost movement is more random, prevent you from learning the game mode.
Game plot: the purpose of the game is to collect all points on the screen without being hit by any ghosts.There are also bigger points to turn the table so you can eat ghosts for the time being and occasionally fruits appear and you can collect them as bonus points.3.With Street Fighter 2 (see 7 th), it is almost the same in all aspects, except that the updated version contains the 4 computer bosses added in the game, and the balance between the characters and characters that can now be played, make the whole game much more fair than the original game.
However, these 4 previously computer-controlled characters were not scaled at all, making them the most powerful characters in the game.Game plot: Again, the game is really the best of 3 games that make no sense (always fun), but there are several key game changes.This version shows which player is which player by adding a palette, thus increasing the ability to fight against mirror matching (fighting with the same character), so from this point, the number of single persons increased from 11 to 12.
Pac-The single-The reason why I didn't work in college, Pac-Man is an absolute classic game, whether it's on the arcade somewhere, the online version, or on one of the several consoles it's already adapted to, you can still find it.The Man named Puck Man bally changed his name to Pac-For fear that people will destroy the machine and change P to F.Released to a time when space shooters were popular, Pac-Man swept the market in the first 18 months and sold an amazing 350,000 machines (something was wrong with those numbers, but hey, let's go ahead ).
It was also rated as the highest-grossing video game ever.Game plot: the idea of the game is to collect all the points on the screen without being hit by any ghost.There are 4 ghost names Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde that are constantly moving in an attempt to stop you from an epic quest and eat everything on the screen.
There are 4 larger dots on the screen to change the color of the ghosts so you can eat them for the time being for extra points.Finally, the fruit that appears on the screen is twice the level and will give you extra points if you can eat it.There should be an unlimited number of levels in the game, but there is a glitch, which means that 256 of the levels are not playable, so reaching it will make the game unplayable.
This is considered because the internal level counter is stored in one byte, so it actually resets to zero when it scrolls from 255 to 256, makes the game fail more than any point of Level 256.1.Yes, Space Invaders are well-deserved and undoubtedly the best-selling arcade game ever.Definitely one of the most memorable games you can play today, and I'm pretty sure no one has ever heard of it.
The Space Aggressor, one of the earliest shooting games, was named the top arcade game by Guinness World Records and has made a profit of $500 since its release.I feel like I should write more about this because it's number one, but hey, you may have been living in caves all the time if you 've never heard of or played this game.Game plot: the purpose of this addictive game is to destroy alien invasion waves with anything other than your boat, its gun and 4 shields at the bottom (see photo) you can use it as protection or you can use it to fire and get you covered and kill them at the same time.
Intruders move horizontally on the screen and when they get to the opposite side they drop to a level closer to you.As you get deeper and deeper into the game, the waves of the ships will accelerate, so they will drop you at a faster speed, meaning you need to be vigilant and you want to stop the invasion.If they reach the bottom of the screen, the game is over.
Thanks for reading.
So that's how you have some really good games in the list, and you can see why they are still available today in many different forms, where there may be some unexpected games that you will never think.Finally, despite the test of time, its oldest machine is still at the top.Hope you enjoyed the center and thank you again for reading.
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