arcade machine store Sex, lies and videotape: CCTV footage used to name, shame shoplifters

by:BLEE     2019-07-11
arcade machine store Sex, lies and videotape: CCTV footage used to name, shame shoplifters
If you think it's embarrassing to shop in an adult store, imagine being found while shopping there, and your photos are posted on the wall of names and shame, all over the Internet.For Jeff Oliver, the owner of the adult store flirting chain, theft has been a constant problem, so he decided to take some action on it.Mr. Oliver, keen to work with the police, placed several CCTV cameras in his orange Arcade shop and successfully took pictures of people who allegedly stole a series of items.
Once he watched the video and determined that he had caught someone, he handed it over to the police for investigation.In the past, police even posted photos of him on their Facebook page.Mr Oliver hopes that by shaming suspicious thieves on the store's Facebook page and the temporary shame wall he created in the store, it will help curb crime.
"Restoring products is not necessarily a deterrent," he said ."."We let them know that they will be famous if they steal something."Facebook is a great tool...They knew they 'd be hit.In the past, Mr. Oliver also offered a $500 reward.Anyone who helps identify a so-called thief can get credit.
Oliver said that although he also has stores in Bathurst and Macquarie port, he did not think it was necessary to install these extreme security systems in other stores."Our Orange store has a high rate of theft, and people put things in their pockets or hide things and go out with them," he said ."."We have a lot of fancy adult products and toys, and they are not limited in size.
After watching the footage of the alleged theft, Mr Oliver said it was clear that the thief was not suitable for a particular crowd."They come from different ages and nationalities," he said ."He estimates that there are as many women stealing things as men stealing things, but he doesn't think stealing is the result of people buying things too embarrassing.
"I think they are just opportunistic, we are not selling necessities like bread or milk," he said .".Mr. Oliver said that he installed the camera to protect the store, the staff and the products he sold."It sends a clear message that we will not tolerate it.
Canoblas Local Command Inspector Bruce Grassick warned the owner not to put things in his own hands when trying to grab the shop pickpocket.Inspector Grassick said he knew that many of Orange's retail store owners had CCTV cameras installed to catch thieves. He urged business owners to talk to police before posting photos, names and shame walls on Facebook.
Inspector Grassick said that while police used the official police website and Facebook page in the past to post stills of CCTV footage provided by shopkeepers, it was not common."In some cases, we upload images to identify people who may be helpful to our investigation," he said .".Inspector Grassick said that the police have carefully checked any CCTV footage provided to them and will not release images that may be too graphic or detrimental to future court appearances.
"We want people to post any information to the public through us to ensure that they do not harm the ongoing investigation or court affairs," he said .".Inspector ick inspectors said roll call and humiliation also may will in the owner and was accused of criminals between the legal struggle in the end."You may end up slandering a person who has not committed a crime, which can lead to civil proceedings.
"You have to be very, very careful," he said ."
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