arcade machine store Oxfam's Launceston store to close in June

by:BLEE     2019-07-11
arcade machine store Oxfam\'s Launceston store to close in June
Oxfam Australia's Launceston store will be closed along with retail, wholesale and online deals for all charities.Tony mckimi, Oxfam Australia's chief operating officer, said the closure was a tough decision, but it was made under constant business pressure and a tough retail environment.Two employees, one permanent employee and the otherTime, and three volunteers were affected by the closure of Launceston.
"The closure of the trading business in no way reflects the performance of our valued staff and volunteers for more than 50 years," Mr mckimi said .".Ofxa0Centreway mall store has been in store for more than a month.It will close on June 21.\ "We sincerely thank (staff )-And our customers.
For their dedication and great contribution ,\"xa0Mr. mckimi said
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