arcade machine London's Top Five Cocktail Bars

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

If there's one thing in London, it's a cocktail.They are everywhere, and despite the credit crunch, Martini is mixed with people all over the world.Some are cheap and some are expensive.Some of them are right.Of course, it's not always easy to know which ones are worth it.The article looks at the blonde beauty of cocktail bars around the capital without having to venture into a membership club or trendy hotel bar that looks scary.1.This little place is just a news agent for the naked eye.But once you spy on the sneaky stairs, you'll be entertained by a gorgeous 30-year-old bar and some excellent cocktails.The £7.There are fruits, vodka and champagne in the important Martini Cup.(Cocktails always taste better in a martini Cup, don't you think?Think about your skirt and feathers and you are right.2.This new place is sweeping across the trendy Soho area.Breakfast bar, small restaurant and cocktail bar two combined.What a great country America is.Press a small button on your desk and order more champagne (very nice taste) or have a charming waitress bring you a cup of rhubarb gin andBut it's not cheap.The drink is about 10.It\'s worth it;You pay for fashion here.3.Cocktail and arcade games?Yes please!Grab a bite of sushi, which is a great choice in Clerkenwell.With the most popular space invaders and Pacman on old school arcade machines, you will have a good connection with your inner child.They played wonderful music and made an ordinary Polish Martini.I prefer their long drink, but you can have a Wasbabi Martini if you really want.It was an expensive night though-most cocktails were £ 78.4.This is one of the most popular cocktail bars in London and it's easy to see why.The cocktail list is huge.You will be very hangover if you try to get through it.It's not the cheapest cocktail bar-drinks will make you drink around £ 8 per cup, but the bartender is the best in the industry and if you can't decide what you want, you can always get them to come up with something new.It's cool to have your own signature cocktail.5.Freud-Savannah AvenueFreud is a very cool little place.It is not only a bar with a huge cocktail menu but also an art gallery.There are always some interesting things happening here.You will also come across some really cool types here.Mainly artists, writers and students of philosophy.Cocktails are fancy, but it's your business and you'll love this quirky little bar a lot.Expect to pay around 6 for your tip.One of the most interesting cities in the world.
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