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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
One of the main concerns of those who are looking for NHL coins to sell is the security of the transaction.As everything happens on the final team server, every transaction that happens on the market has a wealth of information.While it is not possible to manually review each transaction to make sure it is legal rather than a scam, automation allows them to mark more obviously unusual transactions.
However, with some proper precautions, you can make sure that you can buy MUT coins quickly and safely without worrying about causing any danger.Don't use the contract!-HUT is a unique Ultimate Team model at this point, as it is one of the few to play games using saleable contracts.Surprisingly, MUT even canceled the contract for MUT 19!At HUT, the contract is one of the cheapest items in the game.
This makes them an attractive option when buying or selling coins.However, the average price of these cards is so low that anything that is abnormally higher than the average price will pose a danger.Don't set the red flag if you want a safe way to transfer the NHL coins for sale.
Please use the high overall player!-The player's price is almost always higher than the contract, which gives them a higher average price.This means that you can more safely exceed the average without drawing a red flag.However, a bronze player who uses a price of 150 coins is almost as bad as a contract!The best thing for you is to use gold or higher tier players, the overall and average price is as high as possible so that the transaction looks as normal as possible.
Don't use equipment, stadiums or bronze players!-Similar to HUT, you want to make sure that the items you listed are as high as the HUTDepending on the coin you purchased, you can pay the price with confidence.While bronze players and gear are very cheap and give you the most coins when you buy them, they are also the ones most likely to cause doubt.There's nothing worse than banning shadows on MUT, so the investment lists better cards.
List program or highTier Cards!-As you might guess, security is to make the filters on the market appear as normal as possible.Program cards, especially newer program cards in the game, usually bypass existing filters because they are not priced at a stable price and cannot be built in on average.It's very safe to use for transactions, but if you can't use a program card, you can list an elite card that is as secure as possible.
Is one of the best places to buy fast and safe MUT coins or look for NHL coins to sell.They have many years of experience in safely completing transactions with customers, with less than 1% accidents.They are most concerned about your happiness and safety, so if you feel uncomfortable with the process, let them know that they will provide you with the safest way to complete your transaction, this way you can focus on the people you are going to join the team next.
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