arcade games for sale Question: How do I Copy Xbox 360 Games?

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
There is the right way and wrong way to copy Xbox 360 games.The wrong way is to try to make a copy using the traditional DVD recording software.It won't happen at all.Those old copy apps can't bypass the copy protection plan for Xbox games.
So, you might ask, "How can I copy the Xbox 360 game in the right way?\" Easy;You get one of many software apps dedicated to reading, copying and burning Xbox 360 games.Knowing how to copy Xbox 360 games is not a simple skill when Xbox games start to pop.Before this special software is available, players must actually modify the Xbox console by soldering the modulation chip (mod chip) on the motherboard, potentially damaging their consoleEven with this modification, copying an Xbox game is a complicated process, tearing the original game file to the computer's hard drive, and then burning the file on the hard drive to the DVD blank disk.
A backup copy is usually not as original as the original, and often does not work well or stops working at all after several plays.Backing up expensive Xbox games is certainly not a reliable way.But it was the past.Now, the copy task is simple and quick, and you don't need to be a computer geek with a soldering iron to do it.
All you need is a quick computer, a DVD burner that reads double layers, some DVD blank disks, and your Xbox 360 Game Copy software.During the process, some players nervously asked, "Can I legally copy the Xbox 360 game ?"?"What is recommended here is completely legal.Xbox 360 allows game owners to back up Xbox games for their own use.
It is illegal to copy and sell them to others.It's fake, and it's definitely illegal.So relax.You can back up your own Xbox game tray without worrying about spending time in the "Big House.A word of advice;Use a high quality DVD blank disc.
You are supporting an expensive investment in entertainment and should do so in quality media.The cost difference between low quality and high quality DVD blanks is small.Get good media and start protecting your precious Xbox 360 game by following these steps.
Install the Xbox game recorder software on your computer and launch the app.2.Plug your original Xbox 360 gaming disc into a DVD drive.3.Follow the instructions on the screen to copy the Xbox file to your computer's hard drive.
When prompted, remove the game disk and insert the DVD blank disk.5.Follow the instructions on the screen to copy the Xbox file from the computer hard drive to the DVD blank disk.6.When the screen display indicates that the process is complete, remove the DVD disk.
The whole operation should not exceed twenty minutes.Because the replication process uses most of the functions of the computer, do not try multitasking when copying.Let your computer focus only on the replication process.
Now you 've seen how easy it is to make a copy of the Xbox 360 game.You have become an expert.From now on, when someone asks you, "How do I copy the Xbox 360 game ?"?You will get all the answers
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