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by:BLEE     2019-06-30

When everything is finished, pet games have gathered a lot of power in the field of free Internet games.To this extent, games seeking online are no longer limited to pet games.The passion for pet games has expanded to a single theme like Puppy Games and kid steed games.In the whole network element, arcade sites can see such pet games everywhere, but the theme of children's steed games has reached the point where the whole website is dedicated to first-line Entertainment.For the classification of children, some of the online steed transfer titles have figured out how to get rid of the other titles as they come up with unusual plots in the young crowd.Such a precedent would be the "Lisa and the criminal" of the child ".As the title suggests, the entertainment is about a young lady and her pony.At the beginning of the application, both of them stayed in woodland simply because they were expecting some client mediation.The satisfying design and sport item by item give this entertainment a reasonable look.We must emphasize the vitality of such recreational activities;It goes beyond expectations and most of the other transfer titles in the business.The direct utilization of controls and simple story lines makes this current kid's steed entertainment simple enough for almost anyone with the ability to click on the console space bar to play.The control is limited to the correct Bolt key for development, and the space bar is squeezed every time the obstacle approaches, with the aim of letting pony Kruck skip the space bar.There are 9 levels of entertainment that will naturally increase as you ride further or longer.Skip the incremental hurdles in terms of size and repetition, although occasionally you may not know if deterrence is moving in a faster direction or if you are going faster.Finally, it will be more enthusiastic to play, and you need a strong reaction to click on the space bar on the console.Due to their low dimensional troubles, the first few levels were very satisfying.It will take a while for players to get through Level 3.Still, as I mentioned earlier, the real kick stems from the pony jump activity that this transfer brings.When the player clicks on the space bar to start the pony bounce, you can't help but see the horse gaining energy and skipping deterrence.I should give it to the designer of this application to get a good job.The transfer has not yet been supported.There is no splash screen or points, when the player clicks back to capture after completing the entertainment, the main track supported is given, which causes another window to play the transfer elsewhere.
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