arcade games for sale Hilarious Games for a Teen Birthday Party

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

At the birthday party, the children are not the only ones who have a good time.Teenagers can also play games, which will surely produce a lot of laughter.Funny Games for teen birthday parties include personal and group games that are not only fun but also fun and action --packed as well.Two Truths and one lie are a game that can not only be funny, but also make teenagers understand each other.The purpose of the game is for each teenager to write two truths and one lie about himself on a piece of paper.Everyone takes turns to read their truth and lies.Everyone else is trying to guess which is a lie.This game can produce a lot of laughter from the lies that teenagers find their friends or what they think is the truth.Someone can keep the score and see who guessed the most right answer, or the game is just for fun.Depending on the number of guests to play, prepare a few aluminum pie pots full of whipped cream.Tie each player's hands behind their backs and have them search for candy hidden in the pie.There should be an equal amount of candy for each pie.The funniest part of this game is that teenagers can only search for candy with their mouths, so their faces are covered with whipped cream.The first person to retrieve all the candy in the pie won.Play different versions of volleyball by playing balloon volleyball.In this outdoor competition, teenagers are divided into two teams.Set up a net, draw a line with chalk, or put a rope on the grass to create a volleyball court.Teenagers play balloons or plastic beach balls instead of volleyball.The game gets funny when teenagers are only allowed to hit the other side with their head instead of taking the ball online or online with their hands.Prepare a large bowl full of two or three different colors of candy.Put all the candy in a big bowl.Children in their teens sit around a bowl of candy.One of the teenage children reached into the bowl without a glance and took two pieces of candy.Teenagers will eat candy if the color or type of candy matches.However, if the candy doesn't match, they put the candy in their mouth.Teenagers take turns doing the same thing.The only time teenagers are allowed to swallow candy is when they get a match.The person who spit out the candy is disqualified.The last person in this circle won the game.
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