arcade games for sale Games for traveling with children.

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

.Of course, it is not always easy for us to get there first, whether in country houses, camps or resorts.Whether you're driving, waiting for a car, or waiting at the airport, it's all about the kids, it could be a lifesaver!What you like to do is play games.I have collected some of our favorite games.The first two are car games and the rest can work anywhere.Enjoy!Travel alphabet: travel alphabet is a simple co-op game where all cars work together, find an external object that starts with each letter of the alphabet (you can skip difficult letters X and Z like Q ).For example, A, "Air", "Flight", or "animal" are some options.I love this game and encourage the kids to look out the window for the scenery (of course, this game doesn't work at night, but I want the kids to sleep at night ).Stupid permission phrase: This game starts with the first player to challenge the next player who uses words that start with letters on the table to form sentences.So you can find "all Kangaroos" if the license plate is AKPA 569 ".These sentences may be very stupid, but they must be grammatically correct.Hum the song: Can you guess the mysterious song?The first player sings part of a song and lets other players guess (this must be a song that other players have heard ).The next player may be guessing the right player or at least the biggest player.Alpha and Omega (or first and last): This is a word chain game where the next player must start to form a word with the last letter of the previous word.Players say unique words at the beginning of the last letter of the previous word (which has not been said in the game so far ).This is usually done with some item restrictions (such as fruits, mammals, birds, etc.).In general, the correct name (name) is not allowed unless specifically related to the topic, as shown in geography.When the word allowed is a city, country, or province, it is called geography.Crambo: Crambo is a fun game where one thinks of a word and others have to guess what it is.Use rhymes, expand your vocabulary, and think about puzzles by pressing one.All players have been involved.The player who started the game believed that a word belonging to the big rhyme family (a word with a lot of rhyme) was "table" by giving others a key rhyme like "I think of a word, other players try to guess the word indirectly, as short and descriptive as his riddle guess, for example, if the player wants to guess "mouse", she can say, "Is it a small Largo Animal making a tail? "?\ "The first player to guess what the rhyming word riddle refers to in a riddle should answer, that is," No, it's not a mouse.\ "Players can win by guessing words or puzzles that the first player can't decipher (must be a riddle in order to describe the words well according to the decision ).For other players ).If all players give up and can't guess the words, the first player wins.Or the next race.We also helped children under 7 to play the game by having an older player.This is a very interesting shooting game with modern weapons stores, Character Options, many levels and options that players can explore and conquer.To start a career in gun Chaos 2, you have to create a character according to your own needs and you can name it yourself.Game scenes in the game change at every level, but no matter what they are, all the scenes are incredible.Ghost: Ghost is one of our favorite word games and often plays on long trips (the only danger is that sometimes I miss a lot on the highway!) Players who are alternately called letters may offset a word with the goal of trying not to be a player with at least three letters ending.If you don't see the exit, you can fake the exit and call the letter even if you don't know it will lead to a word.Players can challenge any other player at any time and then have to say the words they think can form letters.If they say a word, the challenger will lose.If they don't have a word, they lose.Every time a player loses, he receives a letter with the words "Phantom.When the player receives the word "Ghost" (losing 5 rounds), he exits the game.At that time, players can complete.
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