arcade games for kids Fun Old and New Mechanical Coin Banks - Not Just Kids Piggy

by:BLEE     2019-07-04
arcade games for kids Fun Old and New Mechanical Coin Banks - Not Just Kids Piggy
When I was 5 years old, I saw my first mechanical coin bank.A neighbor put his dog bank on the fireplace hood.He was the father of my first friend and when I visited he gave each of us a coin.
We put the coin into the dog's mouth, pressed the "magic" switch, and when the dog jumped off the clown's iron ring and threw the coin into the bucket, it looked happily.Since then, I have put up my nose to the pedestrian piggy bank.Need something to jump, twist, spin or jump my coins into a cast iron vault if I want to save money.
As I grew older, I learned that the original antique machinery Bank sold hundreds of dollars.But in general, the price of a copy machine Bank is $25 to $50.Many years ago I bought my first Prank Dog machinery bank for $10.
Replicas are as interesting as antiques.
Isn't the bank saving money?Here are some of my favorites.Some are copies of cast iron, some are windSome are modern plastic and battery operated.But it's all fun for kids and adults.Cast iron machinery Bank is the first batchAbout 1875 of them were made, the most popular of which was a stunt dog.
Until today, its replicas are still very popular.Trick Dog was originally produced by the hub ley toy company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.The cast iron version is my first mechanical Library.
You put a coin in the dog's mouth and step on the lever next to it.The dog skips the clown's iron ring and throws the coin into the bucket.Even fruit can be a fascinating mechanical Bank.
This retro plastic windA bug has appeared to pick up coins since 1970.When it's new, it's another favorite of my childhood.Originally made in Japan by Yone.Gently blow the wind of the turn key on the side of the Apple.
Put a coin on the red button in front of the Apple eye.The mouse quickly slides out of the Apple's "mouth" to collect your coins and store them safely.The dentist is very willing to pull your teeth.
If you put a coin in his pocket firstBut watch out!You walked over and over again.This cast iron version was a very popular bank in early 1900.It was originally by J.& E.Stevens in Connecticut is 1880.Put a coin in the dentist's pocket and press the button near his foot.
Both the dentist and the patient fell backwards and the coin fell in a green bag behind the dentist.Mechanical bank of HippoThe end bank of Hippo is the amount of field machinery.Produced in Japan in 1960s and 1950.These are hard to find, but very interesting.
When the hippo opens his mouth, it takes a bit of skill and the right time to put the coin in.So it's always a arcade game for me.Put away the key on the side.Then put a coin on the board.Your arcade skills are right here.Pull back on the lever behind the coin.When the hippo's mouth opens, release the lever and slingshot the coin into his mouth.Itazura Kitty stealing coin bank-Not all mechanical banks are copies of cast iron or tin wind --ups.
There's a new class of plastic machinery banks that are batteries.It has been operated or saturated.This is my daughter's favorite Japanese food.If you have a cat or dog, it will also want to take part in the action!Put away the turn-key stuff and put a coin on the box.
The kitten popped out of the box with its claws, brushed the coins away, and then disappeared.Choken Bako dog machinery Bank in actionIf you are not a cat-loving person, then maybe the poor hungry puppy stealing your coins will evoke your fantasies.The children's face brightened and they kept feeding the puppy!Santa Claus Bank can also be traced back to the end of last century.
it was first produced by hub ley.
With Christmas sales, they became more popular in the 1960 sExplosion of subject goodsMany of today's replicas are made of plastic.Coca-Coca-Cola has created a large number of mechanical Santa banks
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