arcade games for kids 80s Crafts for Kids

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Children's crafts celebrating 1980 are ideal for themed birthday parties or listening to post-80 s pop music.You may remember the unique fashion after 80 s, suchTop and neon, or music from Michael Jackson and Cindy Lauper.If you are having a party or just want to have a good time and make these 80 s crafts for the kids, it will help you feel nostalgic about the decade.Older children and teenagers will love making personalized buttons.Back in their 1980 s, teenagers took the buttons of the band they listened to, or some images of their personality.Provide your child with paper and markers to design your own buttons.You can buy button makers or kits from local crafts and sewing shops.Once your child has finished their design, cut out the drawings and use the button maker to pop up the drawing button.Be careful with younger children because the button does use the pin at the back.You might remember those graphics, T-Shirt from 1980, colorful, bold print.Help your kids and make their own 80 Tshirts.Buy some cheap white or neon T-shirts.Purchase iron-On letters, woven pens, rhinestones and sequins.You may also need stitches and threads for sequins or fabric glue.To use rhinestones, you can use glue or rhinestones.Let your child do it yourself.Shirt Design to help young children use ironons.You may remember the popular cartoons of the 1980 s, such as Smurfs and caring bears.Crafts with cartoon characters work well with children.The Smurfs can be made and painted with air-dried clay.Or you can use colored polymer clay, such as Pfluffy or Sculpey, which can be baked and hardened in a traditional oven.Other crafts for cartoon characters may be printing images and sewing plush animals on sticker paper.Reproduce the fashion of the 1980 s slap bracelet with the old tape measure and your child.Help your child cut the tape measure into about 6-inch strips.Apply glue on the magnetic strip at each end.Measure and cut bright fabrics to cover tape measure strips.Glue together and decorate the bracelet for your child with fabric marks, ribbons and glitter.Once everything is dry, show your child how to wear the bracelet.
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