arcade game rentals Quality vs. Quantity?

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Hello, this weekend, I have sorted out our first postcard mail, hoping to get some feedback on the most effective way to use this media. Our company rents arcade games to the lounge in the office, and the human resources director of the technology company in our region sends postcards.Because our budget is limited and our goals are narrow, we take the time to write down our thoughts on the back of the postcard.
Address each mailing author and personally address the well-trained list of human resources directors, this is cross-referenced by the number of employees they have and the type of industry that can provide this workplace benefit.(Technology, marketing companies, video game publishers, etc) we first sent our first 100 and plan to send 100 a week in 10 weeks before evaluating our response rate.After deleting the first 100 in the mail, we were optimistic about our chances, but how long we spent writing and writing 100 postcards by hand also made me a little frustrated.
While working on our approach, I would like to get some feedback to see if this is the best way for us to advertise in this way.It is better to save labor time by using pre-printed labels/promotions that are usually targeted at HR on bulk business mailing lists and then send more labels/promotions, or a higher response rate for a handwritten card/cultivated lead list, would it make up for giving up the weekend to take on this project?(If you have any suggestions for improving the future iteration of our mail, I have attached a copy of the front of our postcard) what do you think is the average response rate for our services and emailsMore personalized, but time-intensive things?Thank you for your suggestion
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