arcade game console The Best Vintage Video Game Consoles

by:BLEE     2019-07-05
arcade game console The Best Vintage Video Game Consoles
Let's take a walk along memory lane...As we know, older video game consoles help shape the future of the game.Through their development, evolution and failure, the video game market rose and fell until 1985, when it recovered like a phoenix rising from ashes.Until today, these flames are burning very bright!Below, we will cross the eyes of a child during the initial release of these technical miracles.
We will discuss them through the success and failure of popular systems and games.Let's miss the retro video game machines of the past together!Do you remember the game machine Atari, the coolvision, The Intellivision section and even the Magnavox?This is the first home video game system ever!It comes with a series of games that will excite, surprise and even inspire players for generations.Next to the TV, these games have become the most advanced technology in many families!Let me tell you, the game lets us see something from the story book.
They took us on adventures in the jungle, undersea adventures, sporting events on digital landscapes, and even fighting aliens in space.These video games turn our dreams into reality!To be clear, I limit the scope of this article to all consoles before the 1983 video game crash that ended on 1985.Do you have one?Here I have listed several of the most popular video game consoles in the past.
Although I am small, I still remember Atari 2600, the first video game system of my family.It's not easy for any of my two brothers to leave the console to try the game, so I usually cry and soon my mom will step in and force this out.It's important to know how to get what you want, even as a child!I'm sitting on the carpet playing breakout and pac-Humans and Space Invaders, asteroids and joules.
..Oh, my God, it's incredible.
Our controller is just a simple black plastic joystick with a red button.But that's enough.To the left, then to the right, and then to the left pull the joystick, I have been pressing the small red button many times, I am surprised that we have not grown up, there is no permanent calluses on your fingers!I think we are one of the first to get a video game system on our street, which means that our living room has become the center of activity for each PreliminariesTeenagers nearby.To my father's great chagrin, his home is now a public community center!Everything has not changed before everything starts to change.
Our friends slowly broke their parents' resolve in life and on special occasions, and soon enough new game systems began to appear everywhere.A good friend of mine got a coolecovision game system on her birthday.Best of all, she has no siblings to share and I'm basically her best and only friend.
We fly together in the air, blow up Zaxxon's forts and robots, shoot invading aliens in Galaxian, climb the ladder while dodging the barrel to save the girl in the donkey hole.It's great, especially with no nasty brothers taking turns fighting.But deep down, I'm a little jealous because the system offers more fun games than my little Atari.
First of all, the controller is more than just a stick and a red button.Of course, it has a control knob and it is basically the same as my joystick, but it also has two trigger buttons and a digital keyboard similar to a button phone, as I saw in the doctor's office, because we have a rotating phone at home.Let's take a look at the list of some of the more popular systems of the period.
This is by no means a complete list because there are actually dozens of systems when you consider all of the licensed clones.I'm trying to get a valid list of game systems from early 70 s to the video game console collapse in 1985.I know what you're going to say: commordor video games and Texas Instruments games as well.
..Well, these are computer systems that are not included in the older video game console category.Of course, some games are great, but the tasks of these systems are not just games, but accounting, finance and word processing.There are no games like this for the purposes of this list.
1982-Gemini is more compact and cheaper than the Atari 2600 and the controller has a joystick and a paddle.Have played all the 2600 game of Atari!Later, it was sold through Columbia House records and became the arcade of Columbia House.1979-1983-Since the security feature ended up not keeping the 3rd-party programmer silent, there were several smart visual games on the console.
1977-1985-1991 (sold at 2600 Jr after modification)This is the video game console with the longest running time.Over 14 years!If 900 Jr. posted up to 2600 titles1972-The world's first video game console!This system is 3 years earlier than the Atari PONG console!The original system can be seen at the Smithsonian Institution!The first ever "light gun" shooting game was used on TV.Magnavox has sued Atari, mobile, Colico, Mattel, and others for patent infringement.
They solved or won every case!Even Yali was sued and reconciled for a tennis match similar to the magnevaux.Odyssey models 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 1978 were sold between 1975 and until the release of the Odyssey 2 computer.1982-Manufactured by Emerson Radio.Due to poor programming and stability, DOA or dead game systems on arrival are considered.
Due to initial non-compatibility with Atari 2600's mega game library, distribution is affected no matter how good graphics are.1986 re-3.1982-Manufactured by general consumer electronics in 1982-1983 and MiltonBradley, 1983-1977-Designed by Bally's Video Game Department, halfway through.1976-Game Marketing is smart but misleading.
The children and their parents flock to the store and stare at the box with wonderful photos of monsters, spaceships, action sports and many other wonderful attractions.In fact, the game is never so good and not so smooth and clean.But we don't care!At least not at first.Several famous games have lasted for many years and have even spawned modern creation.
Berserk, Pac-Master of the universe: his powerProbably the worst time in video game history!From 1983 to 1985, the video game market continued to shrink.What caused the crash?Some people think this is because there are too many low quality games released and the public loses interest or confidence.So many new companies are starting to release clones of console systems, new games and existing systems that the public is overwhelmed.
In addition, the existing system has also released bad titles, which may be part of the reason for the camel's back injury.Want to check it yourself?Try playing E.T.The Extra-Based on the ground game adapted from the popular movie, played on the Atari 2600 for a while and noticed how the tears of pain formed in the corner of your eye.Atari even buried copies of a landfill in New Mexico that they couldn't sell!Many new video-game companies are beginning to lay off jobs and even file for bankruptcy or closure.
Prices plummeted and profits bottomed out.It was not until a Japanese company called Nintendo appeared and released their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in North America in 1985 that the industry began to improve again.Until then, many business geniuses had predicted that video game consoles would not be viable, and they were just a fashion.
Are they wrong?Emulators vs.
the real thing?No problem!The real thing is all about it.Nothing can replace the feeling of the old controller, the initial expected response time of the game and the unique resolution that the game was created to display..It has better graphics, more memory, and even the ability to do accounting and word processing, not to mention a lot of games!But this is another story because they are not considered dedicated consoles!Collectors, enthusiasts, or just a nostalgic video game player, anyone can buy an old system with a relatively small amount of money and delve into those old great characters again.
If you can't justify any other way, call it historical research!
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