arcade game console PS4 Games with Easy Trophies

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arcade game console PS4 Games with Easy Trophies
Getting a platinum trophy can be a tough and annoying job and will take a lot of time and patience and sometimes make the game fun.Not only that, many games with platinum trophies are not possible/almost impossible to get, thanks to the Internet trophies in the game where the server is down.Also, there are a lot of games with simple platinum trophies, but to avoid absolute boredom I put them out there.
So here's a guide to some of the games on PS4 to get simple trophies and simple platinum.The PlayStation Plus is a great thing because every month you get two free games to get more trophies for you.If you have PS3 and PS vita, you can also get more games in a month.
The PlayStation Plus only costs about $15 a month, if you want to play online on PS4, you need it anyway, so you might as well set aside some cash for investments in multiplayer and new games, you can now look for trophies in it.Now, if you're a trophy hunter, then it's likely that you know what the platinum trophy is.However, if you don't, this is an award that you collect all the trophies on your PlayStation.
However, some Trophy games don't have platinum trophies, so be careful with them (such as the infamous blood sacrifice or a few arcade games )."My World" PS4 editionMinecraft is a well-known building game where you can spend a day exploring, mining and building while trying to survive in dark areas like night and cave.Now the PS4 version has some very easy-to-get trophies, most of them by playing the game, however, others, you have to put some effort into it.
The only thing that really should cause you any problems is killing endelong and shooting a skeleton from 50 m away.In addition, get the PS3 and vita version of this game, you can also get 2 extra platinum trophies.The Infamous Second SonOne of the most hyped games when the next generation of consoles was released, The Infamous Second Son won some of the simplest trophies on ps4.
Just beat the game and you will have about 90% such games, after that, keep working hard and beat it again with the opposite karmic choice and you will get the last few trophies you need.The infamous game has always been easy to get platinum and it has become easier as you gain the power in this game.The first light of the infamousContinuing with the infamous franchise, First Light has put on a brand new game in Seattle where you only use her neon power to play Fetch.
The game is much shorter than second child the trophy is much less, but if you are looking for a game that can be platinum a day, then this is your game.Watchdogs-Watchdogs is a simple game that allows you to control the city of Chicago by hacking (if hacking is as simple as pressing a button on a smartphone), its trophy is even simpler.I got almost all of this when I beat the game and only had about 4 to 5 hours left.
All in all, this is a very simple game for platinum.Blade of nightmare-Now, given how great and fun the game is, not many people know it's really bad.You are a mercenary during the Centennial war, and in this version of the game, there is a "nightmare mode" that adds a fantasy twist to it.
This game almost throws the trophy to you, buys you all the items in the store, completes the story and reaches the highest level.Also, the pay rate for working in the game is ridiculous.Most items in the store will never cost more than 5000 gold, and you can earn twice as much in a single mission, so it won't take too long to get any trophies around money.
DCUO-DC Universe Online is an amazing MMO for ps4.However, you will need to pay the subfee if you want the trophy.Fortunately, this subscription not only offers you trophies, but also gives you access to all DLC's and creates 12 characters.
The trophy in this game can beat it with almost every mentor, in other words: Tell you what to do with every different iconic character in DC to beat the game 6 times.There are other trophies, but you can't miss them at all.-Almost as long as you finish this game 100%, you will have most of the trophies.
The rest is not difficult to get.
It's a very big and fun game, so it's still worth the money even without a trophy.Middle Earth: The Shadow of MordorThis game has a lot of trophies you can get without doing too much.In this game you are almost invincible and even if you are really dead you will return to the nearby tower.
You can also get an optional DLC trophy for $10.00, add more trophies to your collection.Transistor-Beat the game and then beat it again in the new game.This is all that is.It's probably the simplest platinum on this list.
Apotheon-A very simple game to get platinum.It takes some time to get used to the game, but once you 've run a lap, you'll have most of the trophies, and then you just need to increase the difficulty and beat it again.Call of Duty ghost and advanced war-It's always quite simple to win trophies.
Beat every mission, beat veterans, collect all Intel, complete spec operations, zombies, etc.Mode, and do a special thing in the task.There is nothing more important than this.This is a very simple game for platinum.Beating a veteran can be the hardest thing to do, but you'll do it soon after you 've had enough to play.
If you play multiplayer a lot, veterans should be nothing for you because multiplayer is more challenging.Country of death: RevelationHalf of the trophy is to win.Also try to beat it in cooperationIt is difficult to operate "sick" to save time.
The other half of the trophy should be natural and they will kill zombies in different ways.There are a lot of zombies in this game, so you have a lot of chances to get them.There are also some collectibles you need to get, but these are not hard to find.
If you can't find them, go to the guide.
Rocket League-Not much can be said about this game.Car Plus football is the best way to describe the game.The trophy is almost just to beat the game and unlock all the items.
You may get the fourth trophy in the first hour of the game.Any Lego gameLego games have simple trophies, usually platinum trophies.Just complete the game and get all the collectibles.
you usually have platinum.
There are games on PS4 that either don't have platinum trophies, or it's too difficult to get all of them, or it's impossible to achieve them, however, these games do have trophies that are easy to get.Injustice: God Among UsSolidarity Assassin's Creed-If you are lucky, you can get platinum in this game.However, there are quite a few trophies that sparkle and don't pop up when you finish them.
Don't starve to death: Console version-There is no platinum trophy for this game, but the trophy can be won just by playing long enough.Planetside 2-The game doesn't have platinum and the trophy can take a while to get it, but it's really fun and it's free.You 'd better see it.-This game may be difficult for platinum, but if you have a friend who is willing to play with youIt's easy to work with you.
It's fun, you can get 47 trophies offline, so you can easily get 47 trophies even if you don't have friends.If you don't mind paying another $20 a month for a subscription then you will definitely get this.PlayStation Now stream PS3 games to your PS4 and you don't even need to have them.
This subscription allows you to choose hundreds of them, most of which have trophies.Now $20 a month this month, plus $18 a month for PS plus, will start to increase in a few months.But if you are a hardcore player then the price is worth it.
Think like this: let's say every 2-3 months.Most retail games sell for $30-But let's say you spent $40.The average price of each game you buy is 00.
Well, you can wait for a new game for 2 months, or you can spend more money and play 100 games at any time.Whether you're a trophy hunter or not, the PlayStation is now very good for any hardcore player.PlayStation now has several games that can easily improve your trophy score.
Overlord 2 (Overlord rises to hell, but there is no trophy.It's just a good game.PAC-This is a summary of the PlayStation Now subscription.Now there are more PS games that are not included in the subscription and you should check it out.
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