arcade game console avertisments for game consoles on google-the next big move

by:BLEE     2019-07-03
arcade game console avertisments for game consoles on google-the next big move
Since the launch of AdWords in 2001, Google has expanded to image advertising, video advertising and print advertising, and there are frequent rumors that Google will enter the radio and television market.While many people think that TV advertising (ala Spot Runner) may be Google's next major move, they may have overlooked a potentially larger opportunity:Game video game advertising.Earlier this year, video game advertising network Massive inzagated announced a landmark agreement with Major League Baseball and 2 k Sports to provide dynamic advertising in the popular video game major league 2K6.
According to their press release, "Massive's network and technology allows MLB premium media and 2 k Sports titles to take advantage of dynamic advertisingIn their game, new brand information reflects the rapidly changing and expanding advertising opportunities in the field action sports industry.Why should Google care?Entertainment Software AssociationS.Sales of video game hardware and software are $7.
That figure reached 3 billion as early as 2004, on par with Hollywood box office revenue.In-For the booming gaming industry, game video game ads are not new-large companies have been buying static ads in the game for years.The new is the expansion of online games to the mainstream.
Console gamers who used to be reserved only for PC players now discover a whole new world of broadband connectivity competition.In the world recently accepted by TechNewsWorld, head of John Schappert, EA's largest interactive game studio, was asked --Game advertisement: "In-Game advertising integration is a growing business and we see that advertisers and consumers are looking for more.This is an additional source of income, which is still growing despite its small size.
There is potential for dynamic expansion in this areaserved ads.In terms of how to enter, it is still in the early stages [The importance of game advertising will increase."Starting with Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PS2, it continues to enter the next generation of online games through Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PS3, almost all players will play games when connected to a broadband connection, which has become a virtual certainty.
Broadband connectivity brings an opportunity for advertising that cannot be ignored.Is history repeating itself?The potential flaw with Massive inactivated is that their ad network still includes only large advertisers.Massive's website does not provide specific information on how to buy ads, only mention "blue-Chip "advertisers can work with their" senior "sales team to start an account.
I think it is safe to say that small businesses are not their target markets.So when they implement dynamic ads, they are still affordable only for large businesses.Anyone familiar with internet advertising can see the potential of a repeat of history.
Back in 1996 (now Yahoo!Google AdWords is a company called DoubleClick, a pioneer in website advertising.Their failure, however, is that they need a formal sales contract to limit their potential customer base to only large companies.Overture and AdWords make it easy for small advertisers and small website owners to participate in their ad network, basically opening their services to anyone on the network.
In a few years, people will think that Google is keeping a close eye on what is happening with Massive inactivated.Massive may be the first to enter the market, but it is difficult to ignore the fact that small business owners are still shut out.Can Google make a huge contribution in the next double-click?There is no doubt that with the best programmers in the world, Google has the ability to develop and improve the technology that Massive has.
It's also not hard to imagine that advertisers are paying thousands of prints (PPM) for their text or image ads to display in specific games, as they do now for specific websites.However, the hard part for Google will be the distribution of these ads.Contrary to the fact that the registered website displays ads by copying some code on the website, Google has to work with game programmers throughout the development process.
It will take more time and it will be a bigger risk for Google.Just like Massive's contract with 2 k, Google has to sign a big contract with game developers and work with them for months to integrate their ads.This reinforces the fact that the main difference between double-clicking what happens and what may happen with video games is that Google may post their ads more through multiple channelse.
more games).
Since each game is programmed differently, no game is equivalent to the JavaScript used in all AdSense ads.Each game needs to be personalized according to Google's advertising network.Difficult: yes.Google is impossible: impossible.When will they do it?In my opinion, this is not a question of whether or not, but a question of when.
The potential revenue in the gaming industry is too big for Google to ignore.Oh, if you still don't believe it, think about it: Microsoft, one of Google's main competitors, also makes Xbox 360.If Microsoft decides to integrate their new adCenter into Xbox games, would it really surprise anyone if Google announced an integration deal with Sony or Nintendo?Game dynamic ads for PS3 or Wii?.
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