arcade game companies Doujin Fighting Games List Part 1

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arcade game companies Doujin Fighting Games List Part 1
What is Doujins?"Du Jin" or "Du Jin" is a very common term in Asia;In other parts of the world, like North America and Latin America, as long as you're really in-Otaku lifestyle related to games, video games and comics.Doujins is a group of people who gather together through the usual interests, usually friends or colleagues.In most cases they are brought together by anime, manga and/or games.
A good example is a collection of otaku-centric animated and comic series called genshinkenk.In any case, this can be classified as a school fight.It is not uncommon for many of these dojins to have the following skills: Programming, coding, sketching, drawing, etc.
Since Japan is one of the most technically advanced countries in the world, many people can use the necessary computer hardware.They created their own work called fighting wisdom and courage, and the final work was fighting games, shooting games, character games.Games, visual novels, etc.While they don't have the resources owned by major gaming companies, they 've got some decent games, although most of them are PC-exclusive and don't always post outside of Japan.
They keep updating the games they show on comicket.There are some members of doujins who are former programmers of the famous video game company.Mentally, the Big Bang could be a 2D version of the Capcom rival school fighting series.
This is one of your typical schools.
A battle game in Japan.
Unlike rival schools, the Big Bang beat is not necessarily tongue --in-cheek.If the combat system is adjusted and improved, The Big Bang Beat may have the potential for an arcade or console release.Like many gold fighters, the Big Bang beat is mostly in Japanese.
Navigation in the game can become difficult unless you can understand Japanese.Initially, the game was released on 2007 and an updated version, the Big Bang Beat, was released on 2011.It's like your typical console fighting game.
The roster of games for this optional character is part of the cast-in-game called The Big Bang era, which focuses on Japan, with the outbreak of "devil-like hell" in central Japan ".As a result, the land was distorted.Thanks to this demon hole, special students who show their strength are united when trying to take over Japan.The story focuses on the "rules of power" or the "probably right" paradigm.
It certainly has the feeling of "Street Fighter", however, it has more "guilty" feeling due to odd characters and so on.If you like schoolTheme fighting game, you may want to see the big bang beat;Still, it seems unlikely to see an official international release.For those who have MUGEN, you can add the characters in BBB to your roster.
Fragments of Innocent Sinners, 2.
5D game set in lateThe fantasy world of the end of the world first appeared on PC in 2003.Hinokakera has undergone several revisions over the years.The updated version includes: fragments of innocent intensive edition, pieces of hinokakera: Solar eclipse, solar eclipse and hinokakera chaotic solar eclipse.
It has similar elements in several games, such as 2.The 5D battle began with "street fighter" and "Street Fighter IV", and there were endless stages in "Iron Fist" and "Iron Fist.The game originally had seven characters;With future revisions, the number of playable characters has increased.
Looking at Hinokakera, it feels like a 2.
Blood for the 5D version.
From the visual effect of Hinokakera, anime definitely has this feeling.Like many doujinshi fighting games, Hinokakera is exclusive to PCs, not to mention PCs in Japan.The game itself proved quite smooth to some extent.
Like other fighting games, the Japanese star is mainly Japanese.It is unlikely that the game will be ported to the console, or it will be released in the international arena.While playing the game, you can see that both visual and animated effects are very satisfying.
The visual effect of Hinokakera is absolutely similar to "Final Fantasy VII", "Final Fantasy VIII" or "Toshinden 3 ".\ "If you are interested in playing the game, you can download it from the website of red Region.Metty blood, type results-Moon and French bread are the main examples of the mainstream recognition of the fighting gold title.
Although this is the title of a tofu Stone, Melty Blood is a very commercial title due to recognition.The game is an adaptation of a 2D fighting game-The moon vision novel series is linked to both "destiny/night of accommodation" and "Kyoukai Kara.The game introduces fight Eltnam Atlasia, who is the protagonist of the fighting game series and a member of the Mage Association.
In this regard, the game is told from the perspective of Sion.Melty Blood proved to be a balanced battle game;As it became more popular, the extended version of the game was released.The two groups are sure to know what they are doing.
Melty Blood has a combined feel of two dark walkers in the rival school and the Capcom battle game series, as the former has a high sense, and the latter has a supernatural feeling.The first game was in 2002.In 2004, Melty Blood: react released a new story after the first Melty Blood title.Act cadenza was released in 2005.This time, it was not released to the PC.Sega released the game.So the game was ported to the arcade using the Sega Naomi arcade board.
This is the first step in the mainstream legitimacy of the game.In 2006, the Ecole software will post the same title and port it to the Playstation 2 console.In the year 2007, "Blood: hua cai".Will be released to PC.In 2007, Sega published "melti blood: Actress again" and transplanted it to the Sega Naomi arcade board.
In version 2009, the Ecole software will release the game for the Playstation 2 port.Coming to 2010, melti blood: actress will be released by Sega and transplanted to the Sega surround view arcade board.Subsequent updates are available for arcade.
In 2011, the PC version of the game is Type-Moon is a publisher.This is a solid-A very quirky 2D fighting game.This game seems to be another combination of rival schools and the Capcom fighting game series.
However, there is no serious story in the game.Like rival schools, Nettou Jakuniku Gakuen and Nettou Jakuniku Gakuen 2 are very tongue-friendly --in-cheek;However, this is related to Japanese animation culture.The lineup of playable characters is quite diverse;So far, this is a game that does not have shotoclone.
Based on this fact alone, Nettou Jakuniku Gakuen has become a rather original title.Like many other fighting games, Nettou Jakuniku Gakuen is a PC-Exclusive ownership of JapanHowever, you can still find a copy of the game somewhere online.Animation store manager!!It focuses on Meito Anizawa, whose location is named after the name.
As a person who likes anime goods, Mito became a store manager and struggled with competitors.The anime was adapted into comics and OVA.Although this is a serious game, it is also a humorous game.
If you know the anime day chou, you may appreciate the humor behind such a game title.Doujins have been making games for years, not to mention fighting games.Will they stop?Most likely no.Doujins will continue to make these games as they love their respective franchises.
While companies with these franchise licenses have noticed this, they have asked doujins to do their job.In the long run, these touchstone works attract attention to these franchises, which is beneficial to these companies.In addition, with doujins filled with talented programmers and artists, game companies are also watching closely.
Get these doujinshis ported to the console?Only a few people will be ported for the huge amount of buzz generated and who is responsible for creating these titles.Currently, a few have been ported to the console due to the discovery of interested publishers.Will these titles be issued in international?As many franchises do not have enough international interest, it will be very rare.
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