arcade game cabinet The Most Important Test is Pass/Fail

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
arcade game cabinet The Most Important Test is Pass/Fail
For some it just seems like a conversation about a very cute orange, red or pink teddy bear.Oh, I sound like a guy.-okay, I'm going with coral.To be honest, the bear is very eye-catching, and this is the first time I have noticed the man in the Hall of the military base store, with a few animals in his hand, next to a bag full of more.I'll call the guy at Earle there to top up the prize for the vending machine.
This is a Arcade game with a mechanical claw gadget where contestants can grab a stuffed animal and win it after a fork.25 or .50 cents.It sounds easy, but when I try my luck, that paw doesn't seem to have enough ass to pick up anything.Also, in a sense, I 've never seen anyone win, i'm sure now that Earl can't really go there to replenish (unless it's not seen like a small teller I just had at an ATM ).
I want to know the real reason why Earl is there.Could this be a test?Like me, one of the three women gathered near Earl noticed the bear and commented on how cute it was;The other two agreed to the appeal of the coral bear.There, Earl is a military enthusiast who has tried to seek sympathy for not being able to shop in PX and seized his chance!"You can have it here," Earle said with a heavy heart.
"No, thank you," she replied, and it was wrong for her to accept the bear in this case.But Earl was determined to impose the plush toy on that woman, and he did not flinch."I see you win" is his next strategy to buy a woman's soul (OK, I may be a little dramatic here, but do you feel for me?).
She refused again.
Up to now, a confused and desperate count is offering Teddy to either of the three women;But they all refused to tell him that their location at the base prevented them from accepting his gift.There is no doubt that many women have accepted his attractive proposal in the past, but this time he has found the wrong person.Before the end of the transaction, a confused count was basically begging.
Maybe Earle was in there to establish a love connection and he felt shot down.But even if Earl's inclination is entirely romantic, he will go out of his way;Although that's not the only reason he's on thin ice.Although Earl may not be aware of this, his efforts are clearly to please the base personnel.
After all, he did not give the lovely bear to his sister sitting nearby, who was staring at it and he did not think it would help him.That's me.It is also a good thing because he will get more of the same thing.As a ethicist, I tend to respond firmly on these issues so that no one is confused about my integrity.
I had to tell Earl that he was totally wrong considering that the stuffed animal was not his private bargaining chip.It was purposeful for him to bring them there, and every sign that they belonged to his company-not his own-meant that he could not properly give them to anyone;He failed.There is no moral hierarchy.The results of the moral test either pass or fail.
Although Earl may have failed many tests in the process, which is obvious in the process of his easy temptation to others, those ladies, passed with excellent results!I walked up to them and told them I was impressed.You never know who's watching.What's the big deal?On the downward ladder of corruption, receiving gratuity is the first step.Does anyone accept that tip ruin his or her character?No, but everyone who eventually becomes corrupt has the potential to enter the door to receive small and inappropriate gifts.
Even if it is a very cute teddy bear and you have the right child to give it, will you pass the test?Hopefully you can resist the temptation, but if you think you will shake, consider: Would you be comfortable answering the child's question about the origin of the bear?No, how did the story change?How slippery is the slope?The only way is right.People face ethical dilemmas every day.Passing these most important tests is as simple as making the right choice;I assure you that the more you pass, the easier it will be
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