arcade for sale Rilcoin ICO Pre-sale Information

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Start date: 1.11.2017-Token available in Pre-Nominal Price: about $1.How to participate in the presale?Hold the private key.It has intelligent contract functions such as transmitting encrypted tokens.
Accept ETH compatible wallet.
How does Ril token distribution work?There will be 100% Ril tokens available to the populationsale.Pre Sale -15-day period of 30% bonusUTC time 00: 00 to 23:59:59 UTC time on November 15, 2017.First Phase -The bonus is 25% in 30 days.Second Phase -The bonus is 15% in 30 days.
Third Phase -In the past 30 days, the bonus is 10%.Bonus % for current stage.At any stage, if there is a Ril-of that phase;After the suspension, sales of tokens for the next phase will beginperiod.E.g.In the first phase, 10 million rill-days.The second phase of seven days will begin.
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